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The Egyptian period came before those of the Ancient Greeks and Romans.


One method used in KS2 to help children to understand history is the timeline. Timelines are a listing of events, such as historical periods, which can make history much easier to understand.

When we make a listing of events in order we are creating a timeline. Timelines are used to show the time relationships between different events and different periods in history. They help us to understand the time frame between events. It can be difficult to imagine the length of time between the Ancient Egyptians and the Middle Ages but a timeline makes it easier. But its not just really old events and historical periods that can be put on a timeline. You might make a personal timeline listing important things that have happened in your life or a family timeline showing your own family's history.

This quiz tests your knowledge of being able to understand how to read a timeline.

The history before the Common Era (CE) is known as what?
Early modern
There are several historical periods: Prehistory (before writing), Ancient history (until the end of the Roman Empire in the 5th C.), the Middle Ages (5th C. - 15th C.) and Modern History (16th C. - present day)
Which century do we live in?
The 19th
The 20th
The 21st
The 22nd
The 21st Century began in the 1st of January 2001 and it will end on the 31st of December 2100
How many years between 400 BCE and 400 CE?
There are 400 years from 400 BCE-1 CE and 400 years from 1 CE-400 CE
Which year is the earliest?
1837 CE
1492 CE
800 BCE
54 BCE
Years with higher numbers BCE are longer ago
How long is a century?
10 years
100 years
1,000 years
10,000 years
A decade is ten years and a millennium is 1,000 years
In which century was the Second World War?
The 18th
The 19th
The 20th
The 21st
The Second World War lasted from 1939 to 1945
What does BCE mean?
Before Common Era
Before Christ
Before Curried Eggs
Common Era
The common era began in the year 1 CE
Which period came last?
Anglo Saxons
The Victorian era lasted from 1837-1901
In which century was 1066?
The Tenth
The Eleventh
The Eighteenth
The Twentieth
The quickest way to work out which century a year is in is to take off the last two numbers then add one to the number or numbers that are left. That will give you the answer - unless the year ends with '00'. In that case the first numbers are the same as the century. For example, 1066 was in the 11th C. but 1000 was in the 10th
Which period came first?
Ancient Greeks
The Egyptians were around 5,500 years ago


Author:  Amanda Swift

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