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Practice - Prehistory and Ancient Civilisations - 04

Hello young historians! Get ready for a journey back in time, all the way to the Iron Age. You're about to dig underneath the surface and uncover some fascinating facts about this ancient era. So put on your archaeologist's hat, grab your flint scraper, and let's excavate some knowledge about the Iron Age. Good luck, brave history adventurers!
During the Iron Age, what was the main food that people ate?
Cereal crops
Red meat
Cereal crops like barley and wheat were the main food for people during the Iron Age.
When did the Iron Age end in Britain?
With the arrival of the Vikings
With the arrival of the Romans
With the invention of electricity
With the invention of farming
The Iron Age ended with the arrival of the Romans in Britain around 43 AD.
What is a crannog?
A type of animal
A type of currency
A type of weapon
A type of dwelling
A crannog is a type of dwelling used during the Iron Age, often built on a tiny island close to the shore.
What was the job of a blacksmith?
To teach children
To make tools and weapons
To tell stories
To predict the weather
Blacksmiths made tools and weapons, usually out of iron or other metals.
The Iron Age was preceded by which age?
Bronze Age
Stone Age
Copper Age
Golden Age
The Iron Age was preceded by the Bronze Age.
What did Iron Age people often live in?
Brick houses
Hill forts
Iron Age people often lived in hill forts—which provided great defence against rivals.
About how long ago did the Iron Age start?
2,000 years ago
5,000 years ago
3,000 years ago
1,000 years ago
The Iron Age is generally considered to have started around 3,000 years ago.
What was the Iron Age known for?
The invention of wheel
The use of iron to make tools and weapons
The creation of the first civilisations
When dinosaurs roamed the earth
The Iron Age was distinct because people started using iron to make tools and weapons during this time.
What was the main weapon used in the Iron Age?
The pistol
The bow and arrow
The spear
The shield
The spear was the main weapon used during the Iron Age as it was versatile and easy to make.
The Prehistoric age refers to the time before...
Electricity was discovered
Written records existed
People learnt to farm
The Roman Empire
The Prehistoric age is a period of time that occurred before any written records existed.
Author:  Graeme Haw

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