Vikings - Everyday Life
Hnefatafl was a Viking board game similar to chess or draughts.

Vikings - Everyday Life

Viking, or Norse, culture is a significant part of KS2 history and this is the second of four quizzes on the subject. Specifically it looks at what everyday life was like for ordinary Vikings living at the time.

Norse culture had many similarities to the world today. Everyday life for ordinary Vikings included playing games, listening to music or poetry, and taking part in sports. They also enjoyed crafts such as woodcarving and metal work. Their bowls and plates were made of wood rather than metal, which was saved for more expensive items such as jewellery or weapons. They drank something called mead, a drink made with honey, and they ate a good deal of fish, sheep and bread.

What games did Vikings play? What did they use to build their homes? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of ordinary, everyday life in Norse culture.

Why did Viking traders carry a small weigh scale?
To weigh coins
To weigh vegetables
To weigh pigs
All of these
Coins of the time were made of gold or silver and their value was in their weight
How did the Vikings colour their clothes?
With animal blood
With vegetable dyes
With food colouring
With dirty river water
Lichen, woad and walnut were among the dyes used
What was the Thing?
A legendary monster
A yearly gathering
A disease
A toilet
Vikings would wear their best clothes for the Thing
How did Viking children learn about the past?
From books
On the internet
From spoken stories
Books were very rare and expensive at the time. Most stories were passed down in spoken form
What was hnefatafl?
A god
A book
A game
A house
A hnefatafl was a board game similar to chess or draughts
Where did most Vikings live?
In towns
On farms
In cities
On mountains
It was the lack of farmland that led to the Vikings settling in foreign countries
Which of these crafts could Vikings do?
Spin wool
Make leather shoes
Make iron tools
All of these
The Vikings were not primitive barbarians, as some people might think
Which material was NOT used to build a Viking home?
Turf blocks
The Vikings would use wood, stone or turf depending on what was available locally
What was the name of the places where Vikings traded?
The markets sold things from far away. Archaeologists looking at a Viking marketplace in York found the shell of a sea snail that lives in the Red Sea, thousands of miles from York
How did the Vikings preserve their meat?
They would freeze it
They would bury it in the ground
They would salt it
They would smoke it
Many foods are still smoked today in order to preserve them, like kippers or bacon
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - What was life like in Viking Britain?

Author:  Amanda Swift

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