Communicating with Others
Webcams allow you to see the people you are talking to - even if they are on the other side of the world.

Communicating with Others

In KS2 ICT children will be taught about various aspects of online communication, for example podcasts and file sharing websites. They will also look at social interaction online, in places such as social media websites and internet forums, and how this allows them to interact with others in places all over the world.

The biggest impact the internet has had on our lives is the ease with which it allows communication with people all over the world, whether shopping, playing games or just chatting. Communication with others is social interaction. One of the most popular uses of ICT is for communicating with others. People use ICT to share information, opinions, news, music and work. Many people also enjoy using ICT to keep in contact with friends and family.

Try this quiz to see how much you know about the many different ways ICT is used for online interaction with others.

What is a podcast?
A television programme which you can watch after it has been broadcast
A live music programme broadcast on digital radio
A digital audio file which can be downloaded/stream from the internet
The discarded 'pod' or skin of a growing insect
Many radio stations make their programmes available as podcasts
What does the 'C' in ICT stand for?
ICT means Information and Communications Technology
What does 'social networking' mean?
Belonging to and using a specific website to communicate with other members
Having lots of friends
Meeting with friends to talk about ICT
Using the internet
Facebook and Twitter are two famous social networking sites
Which wireless technology allows you to transfer files from one device to another that is a short distance away?
A modem
A digital recording device
Remember to only accept a file transfer from someone you trust. Setting a device to 'hidden' means that other devices using Bluetooth cannot connect to it
What does 'WiFi' mean?
Wireless Fidelity
Wireless Freedom
Wired Finally
Wicked Fickleness
WiFi is the name for any local wireless network - 'wireless' means that the technology uses radio waves rather than wires to send information, and 'fidelity' means 'faithfully' (in WiFi's case, this means 'accurately and dependably') - laptops usually connect to the internet via WiFi
When communicating with others you need to be aware of your audience. What does this mean?
Explaining every word you write
Considering whether your information will be understood and enjoyed by the people you share it with
Making your writing very complicated and impressive
Expecting applause for your work
Try not to make your language too complicated or too boring
Which of these could be used to communicate with a class of children living in another country?
All of the above
You might also have a school website, a class blog, or a shared space or 'virtual classroom' on the internet where both classes can safely post photos and other files
Which of these is NOT a method you could use to share a photo with someone?
Post it on a website
Send it as a text attachment
Right click on the picture and click 'send to internet'
Send it as an e-mail attachment
Remember not to share photos with people you don't know
Video-conferencing depends on which piece of hardware?
A podcast
A wireless router
A printer
A webcam
A wireless router might be used for internet access, but is not essential to video-conferencing
What does KB mean?
Knowledge bits
Knowledge beast
Kinda big
Data files are measured in Kilobytes
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - What are digital communication systems?

Author:  Sheri Smith

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