Digital Devices
USB flash drives are used for data storage.

Digital Devices

A part of ICT children will be exposed to in KS2 is digital devices. These are pieces of technology that are used with computers, such as printers or keyboards, and the understanding of these that children have already will be reinforced. They will also be introduced to some digital devices they may not yet be familiar with.

Digital devices are pieces of hardware for computers and include any technology which can understand binary code - in other words, digital devices speak the same language as computers. There are many different digital devices: monitors, microphones, speakers, cameras, scanners etc. All of these pieces of technology are digital devices. You will probably have used many of these in the classroom or at home.

How much do you know about the devices that are used with our computers? Test yourself in this quiz.

You would like to print a document and you have clicked 'print', but nothing has happened. What should you NOT do?
Check that the printer has paper
Keep pressing 'print' until the printer works
Check that the printer is not out of ink
See if you've sent the document to the correct printer
Repeatedly pressing the 'print' button doesn't fix the problem, but does waste ink when the printer is working again
Which of these allows you to 'input' sound into a computer or other digital device?
Headphones / earphones
Graphics application
'Input' means 'to enter data'
Which of these is NOT an 'output' device?
Computer keyboard
A keyboard is an input device - you use it to put information into a computer
Which of these does an interactive whiteboard or touchscreen device allow?
Input only
Output only
Input and output
Neither input nor output
You can enter data into, and display data on, a touchscreen device or interactive whiteboard
If you wanted to magnify a sugar crystal and display a detailed image of it on the interactive whiteboard, which of these could you use?
A digital camera
A scanner
A digital microscope
A printer
Although a camera could slightly magnify an image by zooming, it could not show a detailed image of a sugar crystal
What is a memory card?
A computer server's data storage system
A data storage device often used for large files
The memory located in a printer
A birthday card which you keep because it reminds you of good memories
Mobile phones, digital cameras, video game consoles, MP3s and laptops use memory cards to store data
Which of these can capture a moving image?
A camcorder
A scanner
An MP3
An interactive whiteboard
Cameras can catch still images but camcorders can capture moving ones
For which of these could a scanner be used?
To create a digital copy of a drawing
To take a photo of someone
To send an e-mail
To record a piece of music
Scanners are used to make digital versions of real life pictures, photos or text
Which of these mobile devices are used for data storage?
USB flash drives
USB stands for Universal Serial Bus and it is the standard connector for computers
Which digital device would you use to create a 'hard copy' of a document or other file?
A printer
A webcam
A microphone
A digital scanner
'Hard copy' is often used as another way of saying 'printout'


Author:  Sheri Smith

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