The Internet
A search engine (such as Google) is a program which can find specific data on the web.

The Internet

The internet, or World Wide Web, is one vast computer network. Children in KS2 ICT will be taught a little about how it works and how to use it.

"Prior to the internet, the last technology that had any real effect on the way people sat down and talked together was the table." So said the American writer Clay Shirky and he may be right. The World Wide Web (www) was invented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee in 1989 and it has changed the way we live our lives. Did you know that billions of people use the internet? A computer network describes a group of computers that are joined together and the internet is just one giant computer network. All of the computers with an internet connection are linked and can share information with one another.

Try this ICT quiz to see how well you understand the technology of the World Wide Web and how people use it.

What is a search engine?
A program which protects your computer from viruses
A program which organises your computer
The engine which powers the internet
A program which can find specific data on the web
Yahoo, Google and Bing are three examples of search engines
If you were looking at a website and you wished to return to a previous page, you would click which button?
After you've clicked 'Back' you can click 'Forward' to return to the page you came from
What do we call programs which we use to access the internet?
Web pages
Search engines
Your browser retrieves - and allows you to view - information available on the world wide web
If you wanted to use the internet to send a message with a photo or file attachment to a friend, which of these could you send?
A text
An e-mail
A link
A letter
The 'e' in 'e-mail' stands for 'electronic'
URL is an abbreviation of 'Uniform Resource Locator'. What does this mean?
An attachment
A cookie
A web address
A web page
Everything that is stored on the web has a URL. The URL for Education Quizzes is
What are browser tabs?
The tools which allow you to print a web page
A tool which allows you to make the print larger
A tool which allows you to have several web pages open at the same time
A download tool
There is an option to open a new tab. This lets you look at another webpage without having to leave the one you are already looking at
What is the easiest way to remember your favourite websites?
Trust your memory
Jot them down on scraps of paper
Bookmark or add them to your favourites
You will probably never find the same websites again
If you add a web site to your favourites then finding it again is very easy - just a click will take you there
What is the internet?
A computer program
A worldwide collection of computers which are connected together
A corporation (business)
A public service (like the police or health service)
Not every computer is part of the internet - computers become part of the internet when they are connected by wireless, telephone lines or cables
Which of the following would help you improve your search results?
Using speech marks around your word or phrase
Checking that you've spelled your word or phrase accurately
Searching for specific words or phrases
All of the above
If you were researching Celtic houses, then searching for the phrase 'Celtic houses' would result in more relevant websites than just searching for 'Celtic' - correct spelling and speech marks also help
Who owns and controls the internet?
Bill Gates
No one
Although various parts of the internet can belong to individuals or companies (examples include software programs and hardware, such as computers, cables or servers) - the internet itself does not belong to anyone
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - How does the internet work?

Author:  Sheri Smith

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