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Word Processing
The font 'Jokerman' would be most suitable for a party invitation.

Word Processing

Word processing programs are an integral part of life today. In KS2 ICT children will become familiar with using computer programs such as 'word' to produce text and images.

Word processing means using a computer to produce text. Word processing programs are incredibly useful. Not only can they be used to produce text - for example to write letters or stories - they can also include images. You have most probably been using them in school to write reports or to create newspapers, advertisements or leaflets. Being able to use word processing programs well is a really important skill which you will use often in your adult life.

See how much you know about these useful programs by trying this ICT quiz - but watch out: if you make a mistake, there's no 'Undo' button!

Choosing 'landscape' for your page layout will do what to it?
The page's width / breadth will be greater than its height
The page's height will be greater than its width / breadth
The page will look attractive, like a landscape
The page will have a beautiful landscape for a background
A portrait page layout will make a paper's height greater than its width
Which button on the toolbar would you use to italicise a word?
You can also italicise by highlighting the text, using right click, and then using left click to select the Italics button
Highlighted text can be manipulated (changed) in which of the following ways?
By changing the colour
By changing the size
By changing the font
All of the above
It can also be highlighted, underlined or put into bold or italic letters
Using 'click and drag' with a photo or picture, what can you change?
Its colour
Its size
Its transparency
Its brightness
If you click on the top or side of a picture before dragging, you will change its proportions - to keep proportions the same, click on the corner of the image before dragging
What does a word processing package allow you to add and manipulate (change)?
Text, images, shapes and sound
Text, images, shapes and tables
Text, videos, sound clips and graphs
Pictures, videos and sound
You can add several different types of image, such as photos, drawings, shapes, clip art and graphs. You can also add hyperlinks to word documents
If you wish to move some text to another place in your document, what can you do?
Highlight it, right click, select 'cut', click the new position and select 'paste'
Highlight it, press 'delete', click the new position and select 'paste'
Highlight it, right click and select 'paste'
Highlight it, press backspace, click the new position and select 'paste'
If you wanted to write the same words more then once you could use 'Copy' and 'Paste' rather than 'Cut' and 'Paste'. This would leave the first set of words in your document
Which key would you press if you wanted to type only in CAPITAL letters?
Caps Lock
It is difficult to read text that is typed using only capital letters. If you find that capital letters are appearing when you type, then pressing the Caps Lock key will allow you to type in lower case
If you wanted to use one capital letter (e.g. at the beginning of your name) you would press two keys at the same time: the letter you need and which other key?
The shift key is sometimes marked with an arrow pointing up, rather than with the word 'shift'. There are two shift keys so you can easily reach them with your left or right hand
To decorate the edges of a word document, you would add which of the following?
A watermark
A page border
Highlighted text
To add a border click the 'Page Layout' tab. Then select the 'Page Borders' button. This is usually in the 'Page Background' menu on the toolbar but is sometimes found under 'Margins'
The font 'Jokerman' would be most suitable for which of these documents?
A report on endangered animals
A report on flood damage
Instructions for solving two-step maths problems
A party invitation
The other three documents are about serious subjects so would need a more formal font


Author:  Sheri Smith

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