Handling Data (Year 4)
If you wanted to find out what type of pets children in school have, you would need to carry out a survey.

Handling Data (Year 4)

Data handling is a major part of KS2 Maths. In Years Three and Four children will be taught how to go about collecting and recording data with a tally or a survey. Presenting and interpreting this data in a variety of graphs, charts and diagrams is the next step to understanding data handling.

Collecting data and recording it in diagrams, graphs tables and charts helps us to organise and understand the data we have collected. We call this interpreting data. Knowing which data to record in which diagrams or charts is important in order for your audience to understand your findings. A survey on vehicles might use a pictogram showing cars and lorries for example, or a survey on favourite colours might display its findings in a coloured pie chart.

Do you know how to go about collecting, recording and interpreting data? Find out how good you are at handling data in this quiz aimed at 7-9 year olds.

On a bar chart showing people's favourite colours, what does the lowest bar represent?
The most popular choice
The least popular choice
The average choice
The next to the least popular choice
The highest bar represents the most popular choice
If you wanted to find out what type of pets children in school have, what do you need to carry out?
A dog show
A survey
A competition
A party
In a survey people are asked questions, such as "Do you have any pets?" or "What kind of pet do you have?"
What is a tally?
Something we watch movies on
The most popular data
A count of the data using a single line for each unit counted
The least popular data
Small lines are used in the tally. Every fifth line crosses the other four for easy counting in 5s
In which type of chart would you find a horizontal axis and a vertical axis?
Bar chart
Weather chart
Rod chart
Pie chart
The vertical axis tells you the frequency or number whilst the horizontal axis tells you the things you are recording such as types of pet or favourite colour
In a frequency chart of favourite colours, the results were Blue 23, Red 62, Yellow 54 and Green 39. Which is the most popular colour?
Red was most popular. Yellow was second, green third and blue came fourth
What do people complete during a survey to answer the questions?
A quiz
An exam
A job
A questionnaire
Questionnaires are forms with lots of questions on them
What is the name of the diagram that uses circles to sort data into groups?
Venn diagram
Bar chart
Carroll diagram
A Carroll diagram is similar to the Venn diagram but uses a grid rather than circles
What is the name of the diagram that uses pictures or symbols to represent data?
Venn diagram
Bar chart
Carroll diagram
If you were recording what pets people have you might make a pictogram which uses pictures of animals
On a bar chart of most popular drink, the results were tea 45, coffee 21, milk 14 and fruit juice 46. How many more people prefer tea to coffee?
45 - 21 = 24
What is the name of the table where data is recorded so that it can be counted?
Dinner table
Frequency table
Pasting table
Bar table
Frequency tables help us to keep a record of how many times a piece of data is recorded - for example, how many people in the class have a pet dog
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - Tables, graphs and charts

Author:  Amanda Swift

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