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Multiplication and Division (Year 5)
The best method of multiplying 67 by 50 is to multiply by 100 then halve.

Multiplication and Division (Year 5)

In KS2 Maths, you'll learn cool stuff like multiplication and division. By Year Five, you'll be a times tables pro and tackle big numbers like a champ! Feeling confident? Great! You'll also master multiplying and dividing with fractions and decimals.

Multiplication and division are like sharing sweets. Easy ones, like giving 20 bananas to 4 monkeys (5 each), are simple. But watch out for tricky ones with decimals and fractions. Don't worry, once you get the hang of it, it gets easier! To multiply by 1/4, just divide by 4. It works for decimals too – multiplying by 0.25 is the same as dividing by 4.

Ready for fun? Test your multiplication and division skills with this cool quiz!

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How do we find a third of a number?
Multiply it by 3
Divide it by 6
Multiply it by 6
Divide it by 3
A third means the same as ÷ 3
On a calculator the answer to a division is 7.2. How is this interpreted in money?
720p is the same as £7.20
Which strategy would be best to multiply 42 by 16?
Multiply by 8 then double
Multiply by 4 then double
Divide by 2 then multiply by 8
Divide by 8 then double
If a number in a problem is difficult to work with then try to break it down into easier to deal with numbers
What is the best method of multiplying 58 by 9?
Multiply by 10 then add 58
Multiply by 5 then add 58
Multiply by 10 then subtract 58
Multiply by 5 then subtract 58
10 is a much easier number to multiply than 9 is
22 ÷ 4 = 5 r 2. What fraction is the remainder 2?
The remainder can be expressed as 24 or 12
Which strategy would be best to multiply 79 by 21?
Multiply by 10 then subtract 79
Multiply by 20 then add 79
Multiply by 10 then add 79
Multiply by 20 then subtract 79
To simplify it further you could multiply 79 by 2, then by 10 and finally add 79
Which gives the answer 43?
3 + (5 x 8) =
(3 + 5) x 8 =
3 + 5 x 8 =
(3 + 8) x 5 =
The calculation in the brackets is always done first
Which of these methods would result in finding 16?
Half one third
Half one quarter
Double one quarter
Double one third
A sixth is half a third
What is the best method of multiplying 67 by 50?
Multiply by 100 then halve
Multiply by 100 then double
Multiply by 5 then multiply by 10
Divide by 100 then double
100 and 2 are easier numbers to multiply and divide than 50 is
How can one twentieth be calculated?
Find one tenth and halve
Find one fifth and double
Find one tenth and double
Find one fifth and halve
One twentieth is half of one tenth
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Author:  Amanda Swift

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