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Data Logging 01
Test your ICT skills in this quiz.

Data Logging 01

This KS3 ICT quiz will ask questions on data logging. Data logging is a means of collecting and storing data. The data stored on a datalogger is temporary and will be lost the next time it is used. For that reason, the data is downloaded to a computer as a file so that it can be permanently stored and processed. Processing of data from a data logger is often done using a spreadsheet as that is software that can easily produce a graph or other chart from a table of numbers. Graphs and charts can help people make sense of a series of numbers more easily.

Data loggers obtain their data from sensors. There are a large range of different ones that can record many changes in the environment - temperature, humidity, light level and so forth. Sensors are designed to convert the information about the environment into electrical signals which can be stored as data. They work automatically, that is to say, once they have been programmed by a person, they can be left in the environment for long periods of time without the need for anyone to be there.

Data logging means collecting and storing data .......
chopping (splitting) up streams of data
in a log book
This has many advantages
Data loggers use ....... as input devices.
light pens
touch screens
They contain electronic devices that will convert an environmental change into an electrical signal
Which of these sensors is not suitable for its use?
Humidity sensor and tropical greenhouse data
Light sensor and engine exhaust gas data
Radiation sensor and nuclear reactor data
Temperature sensor and weather station data
A gas sensor is more appropriate
Sensors convert environmental information into .......
electrical voltages
magnetic fields
mechanical energy
Some use electrical components to detect the environmental changes but others, like a water flow rate sensor, use mechanical components
Sensors are usually classed as 'digital' or .......
An example of an analogue sensor would be a microphone
Analogue sensors can be connected to a computer via .......
analogue to digital converters
signal converters
Data is stored on a computer as a series of zeros and ones
Sensors can collect data remotely from a computer .......
using 'data bloggers'
using 'data joggers'
using 'data loggers'
using 'data logs'
Recording a series of data is referred to as 'logging'
Data loggers are devices attached to sensors which .......
collect and store data over a period of time
collect data, store and process it
collect data and store it
store data
This data can then be processed to give charts and graphs that a person can use to draw conclusions
Which of these is not a suitable use for a data logger?
Collecting data about river water levels
Collecting data about seasonal rainfall
Collecting data about the current air temperature
Collecting data from earthquake zones
Data loggers collect lots of data over a period of time. Recording the current air temperature requires only one reading
Data logger data is sometimes stored in CSV format .......
because this saves storage space
so it can be imported into a spreadsheet or database
so that the data transfers more quickly
which is an encrypted format for extra security
CSV stands for Comma Separated Variable
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - Data and databases

Author:  Duncan Daish

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