Level 5-6 Algebra - Graphs 01
What do you know about graphs?

Level 5-6 Algebra - Graphs 01

Graphs are something you need to familiarise yourself with in KS3 Maths. They may seem complicated but, as with most things, graphs are simple once you understand them. But what have graphs got to do with algebra? Well, most shapes can be drawn on a graph by using formulae to describe their coordinates.

A graph is a type of chart or diagram used to represent information. To draw graphs you need to be able to place points accurately on a grid before joining them up. The position of a point is described by its coordinates, the distances from the x and y axes. The axes intersect at their 0 points and proceed into minus coordinates as well as positive ones.

Have a go at this quiz to familiarise yourself with graphs. As ever, take your time and study each question carefully before you choose your answer. And don't forget to read the helpful comments which follow each question. These will help to explain any questions you didn't understand. Good luck!

Which of the following is the correct way of writing coordinates?
(3, 4)
3 + 4
3, 4
Coordinates are written in pairs and placed in brackets. The x coordinate is always placed first and the y coordinate second
Which of these points is furthest from the y-axis?
(2, -3)
(-5, 5)
(-2, 1)
(7, -3)
The distance from a point to a line is always measured at right angles to the line so the distance from the y-axis is the x coordinate of the point
Which of these points is furthest from the x-axis?
(2, -3)
(-5, 5)
(-2, 1)
(7, -3)
The distance of a point from the x-axis is the y coordinate of the point
All points with x coordinate equal to 3 are on the line with equation …….
y = 3
x + y = 3
x = 3
y = x + 3
The rule is that x is always equal to 3
Points such as (4, 4) which have x and y coordinates the same are all on the line with equation …….
x + y = 4
x = y
y = 4x
x = 4
The rule is that x is always equal to y
Which of these points is on the y-axis?
(5, -5)
(5, 0)
(-5, 0)
(0, -5)
All points on the y-axis have an x coordinate of zero
Which of these points is not on the line x + y = 6?
(2, 4)
(3, -3)
(5, 1)
(-1, 7)
The coordinates must add up to 6
Which of these points is 6 units down from and 5 units to the right of the origin?
(5, 6)
(-6, 5)
(5, -6)
(-6, -5)
The first number in coordinates gives the position along the x (horizontal axis). Be careful with questions like this where the first number given to you is along the y axis!
Which of these points is on the line y = x - 2?
(2, -4)
(-4, 2)
(-2, 4)
(-2, -4)
The rule is that y is always 2 less than x
Which point will you arrive at if you start at (1, 3) and move 3 units to the left and 3 units up?
(4, 2)
(-2, 6)
(4, 6)
(0, -4)
Movements to the left are negative so remove 3 from the x axis. Movements upward are positive so add 3 to the y axis
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - Graphs

Author:  Frank Evans

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