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Level 5-6 Data Handling - Averages 02
How many paper clips would you expect to find in a box labelled 'average contents 100'?

Level 5-6 Data Handling - Averages 02

In KS3 Maths, when handling data, you'll be diving into analysing information. A big part of this is finding averages. Averages help find a typical value in a set of data, and there are three main types: mean, median, and mode.

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The three types of average can give very different results. The same data set might give a mean of 4.04, a median of 9, and a mode of 12. See the variation? Choosing the right method depends on your data, and it's a skill that's super handy in maths.

Test your knowledge with this quiz on averages – mean, mode, and median. Can you figure them out? Can you pick the right one for different situations? Read each of the ten questions carefully and think hard about your answers. Let's aim for an above-average score of 10-out-of-10! Good luck with your KS3 Maths adventure!

A box of paper clips is labelled 'average contents 100'. How many paper clips would you expect to find in the box?
About 100
At least 100
More than 100
You might get 102 in one box and 98 in another, but the contents should always be about 100
Which of these is always one of the data values in a set?
Remember, the mode is the most common
Of 20 customers at a vending machine, 8 spent 50p, 5 spent 60p, 4 spent 75p and 3 spent £1. What was the total amount spent?
(8 x 0.50) + (5 x 0.60) + (4 x 0.75) + (3 x 1)
What is the modal amount spent by these 20 customers?
Modal amount = mode (most frequent)
What is the median of this data?
Both the 10th and 11th values are 60p
To find the mean of a data set, add up all values then divide by the .......
number of values in the set
biggest number in the set
smallest value in the set
middle value of the set
Mean values will often be fractions rather than whole numbers
What is the mean amount spent by the 20 vending machine customers?
Mean = total ÷ 20. £13.00 ÷ 20 = 0.65
Which averages could best represent this set of data?
Mode and median
Mean and mode
Median and mean
Any of them
The mean is higher than the amount spent by most customers. 13 of them spent 60p or less
The mean length of calls to a help desk is 3 minutes. If the advisers take 1,000 calls, how much time do they spend on the 'phone?
20 hours
30 hours
40 hours
50 hours
1,000 x 3 = 3,000 minutes. Divide by 60 to convert to hours
The mean of the first 9 calls is 5 minutes. The next call takes 10 minutes. What is the mean of the first 10 calls?
4.5 minutes
5 minutes
5.5 minutes
6 minutes
Total call time is (9 x 5) + 10 = 55 so mean is 55 ÷ 10 = 5.5
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - Averages

Author:  Frank Evans

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