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PSHE Health quiz illustration | Balanced diet
The food we eat is important for our heath.

Caring for Myself - Age 5-7

One part of Health education looked at in PSHE is the responsibilty children have for looking after themselves. This includes personal hygeine, avoiding accidents by not indulging in dangerous activities, and seeking help when ill or injured.

You are very special. Your perents and your teachers will try to look after you, but they aren't always around, so it's vital that you can take care of yourself. There are lots of ways you can do this: washing your hands and cleaning your teeth, taking care when doing potentially dangerous things like crossing the road, and telling an adult if you are ill or if you hurt yourself.

So, how good are you at taking care of yourself Take this quiz and find out!

Which of these answers would show that you are not caring for yourself?
You brush your teeth twice a day
You go on a school trip and learn lots
You climb a really tall tree and decide to jump down onto the concrete
You feel ill and visit a doctor
Caring for yourself means looking at possible dangers. Climbing trees can be fun but make sure you don't go too high and can't come down.
What is personal hygiene?
Making sure you are clean
Making sure you have a new toy every week
Making sure you know the words to a song
Making sure you wear pretty clothes
You are responsible for your own personal hygiene. This means you need to make sure you are clean, like having a bath and brushing your teeth.
If you have a stomach ache, what should you do?
Tell the postman
Tell your parents, teacher, nurse or doctor
Tell your pet dog
Hope it goes away
Only you know when you're ill. A thermometer can tell if you have a temperature but it's up to you to tell us if you're feeling poorly.
You're on a school trip. What should you not do?
Listen to the teacher
Take a raincoat
Wander off
Caring for yourself also means looking after your own safety. Wandering off from the group will put yourself in danger.
You can decide what you eat for dinner. What should you choose?
Pizza, pasta, potatoes and rice
Chocolate bars
Chicken, vegetables and potatoes
For every meal you should try and have protein (such as meat or beans), fruit or vegetables and carbohydrates (anything from the fourth answer).
Which of these answers is not to do with personal hygiene?
Learning to dance
Washing your hands
Brushing your teeth
Brushing your hair
Looking after yourself means you need to look after your body - outside and inside.
Which of these people cannot help you care for yourself?
A doctor will care for your body; a dentist for your teeth and a teacher for your brain.
There is a bottle of cough medicine on the side by your bed. What should you do?
Drink it all
Take a sip every day until the bottle is empty
Ask someone to put it with the other medicines
Feed it to your cat
Medicines should only be taken when you're ill. Also, each medicine box or bottle will tell you exactly how much you should have as it's dangerous to have too much medicine, so always read the label.
When should you wash your hands?
After playing in the mud
After going to the toilet
Before eating dinner
All of the above
You must make sure you use soap or the germs will still be there.
How can you look after the inside of your body?
By picking your nose
By cleaning the dirt out from under your nails
By brushing the inside of your mouth
By eating a varied diet
When we talk about looking after your insides, we are talking about your organs. This can be helped by exercising and eating healthy foods.
Author:  Finola Waller

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