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Around the World 1
See if you know the Spanish names for some of the different places around the world.

Around the World 1

In this Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz you will be traveling around the world to visit some amazing places! Have you ever seen or heard of the novel Around the World in Eighty Days? It was written back in 1873 by Jules Verne. It later was adapted to several plays and even a movie. The simple quest was to see if a person could, in fact, travel around the world in 80 days (mind you this was before commercial airlines).

Again, as stated above, for this quick picture quiz, as well as its sister quiz Around the World 2, you are going to have the opportunity to travel around the world. Luckily you will not have to visit 80 places but you will have to visit many. Some of the places you might be very familiar with while others you might not even be aware of. This world has a lot to offer us no matter where we live so now let’s take a journey to places we might have never been to before!

As many places in the world have the same or very close to the same name in both English and Spanish, you will have to focus on spelling, especially the Spanish spelling of many places. Remember, little accent marks and tildes can make a huge difference in the meaning of the word. Each quiz sentence has an all capitalized word that must be matched up to the correct Spanish translation. Take a moment to look at the pictures and see if you can envision yourself being there! Bon voyage!

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This lovely lady lives in PANAMA.
Panama looks the same in both English and Spanish. However, the Spanish word contains an accent mark so the second answer can be eliminated. The Spanish word for Panama is Panamá. There is an accent mark over the last 'a'. There is no tilde.
Here you see a port in AZERBAIJAN.
The Republic of Azerbaijan is located between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. The Caspian Sea is to the east while Russia is to its north. The spelling of this place can be tricky. In English it ends with 'jan' but in Spanish it ends with 'yan'. You can now eliminate the first and last answers. The Spanish spelling is Azerbaiyán. Notice that the last 'a' has an accent mark.
A great tourist destination, many people love to go diving off the coast of the CAYMAN ISLANDS.
Cayman Islands
Islas de Caiman
Islas Caymán
Islas Caimán
The Cayman Islands is a British territory located in the western Caribbean Sea. Its name does not look the same in both English and Spanish. Therefore, the first answer can be eliminated. There is an accent mark in the Spanish name which now means that the second answer can also be eliminated. The Spanish name for the Cayman Islands is Islas Caimán. Notice that the 'y' became an 'i' and the last 'a' has an accent mark.
This is a typical scene of homes that you would see in GREENLAND.
Greenland is located between the Arctic and the Atlantic Oceans. The Spanish word for Greenland is Groenlandia. Note that it does not contain any accent marks.
Welcome to CAMEROON!
The Republic of Cameroon is located in Central Africa. The Spanish word for Cameroon is Camerún. It has an accent mark above the 'u' which replaced the English double 'o'.
You can find amazing jungles in the country of BELIZE.
Belize is located on the eastern coast of Central America. What makes it unique is that it is the only country in Central America where English is the official language. Belize is not spelled the same in both English and Spanish. Therefore, the last answer can be eliminated. The Spanish word for Belize is Belice. There are no accent marks.
A church located in the FALKLAND ISLANDS.
Islas Falklandia
Isles de Falklandia
Islas Malvinás
Islas Malvinas
The Falkland Islands are a group of islands found in the South Atlantic Ocean. The word islands in Spanish is islas which means that the second answer can be eliminated. The Spanish name for Falkland Islands is Islas Malvinas. There are no accent marks.
A colorful vegetable market seen in MALAYSIA.
Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia. The Spanish name for Malaysia is Malasia. There are no accent marks. Note that the 'y' is dropped from the name in Spanish.
A clear amber sky over FIJI.
Fiji is an island in the South Pacific Ocean about 1,000 miles northeast of New Zealand’s North Island. Fiji is not spelled the same in both English and Spanish. Therefore, the third answer can be eliminated. The Spanish name for Fiji is Fiyi.
When in GREECE, travel the roads by motorbike.
Greece is located in southeastern Europe. The Spanish word for Greece is Grecia. Note that it does not contain any accent marks.
Author:  Christine G. Broome

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