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Around the World 2
How would you say Great Britain if you were speaking Spanish?

Around the World 2

In this Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz you will be continuing your travels around the world to visit some amazing places! It is the sister quiz to the Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz titled Around the World 1.

So far you have travelled to ten different countries. Now, you are about to travel to ten more. Remember, the main focus on this quiz and its' sister quiz is to help you to remember how to spell the country in Spanish. Sometimes the spellings are exactly the same in both English and Spanish while other times there is only the difference of an accent mark. For a few countries, there is a much larger difference in the names so be on the lookout for spellings and name changes. The country names have been provided to you in their English form. Your task is to see how quickly you can locate their Spanish spelling. While you are on your journey, take time to look at each picture and imagine what it would be like to visit there!

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SINGAPORE is filled with modern and ancient architecture.
The Republic of Singapore is an island country in Southeast Asia. It is not spelled the same in both English and Spanish. Therefore, the third answer can be eliminated. The Spanish word for Singapore is Singapur. It contains no accent marks.
You will see many street vendors in BELARUS selling this kind of doll.
The Republic of Belarus is a country in Eastern Europe bordered by Rusia, the Ukraine and Poland. The Spanish word for Belarus is Bielorrusia. It is quite different from the English version and it contains no accent marks.
They really know how to show off their homes in CAPE VERDE!
Cabo Verde
Cape Verde
Capa Verde
Caba Verde
Cape Verde consists of ten volcanic islands located in the central Atlantic Ocean. The Spanish word for Cape Verde is Cabo Verde.
CYPRUS is a place of beauty and romance!
The Republic of Cyprus is an island in the Eastern Mediterranean. This one might be a little tricky as the Spanish word for Cyprus is Chipre. Its’ spelling is completely different from its English counterpart and there are no accent marks.
Many people visit the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC for its crystal blue waters.
Dominicana Republicá
Dominicana Republica
Republic de Dominican
República Dominicana
The Dominican Republic is an island of Hispaniola located in the Caribbean. The Spanish words for Dominican Republic are República Dominicana. Notice the word order, that an 'a' was added to the end of both words and that there is an accent mark above the 'u' in Republic.
Found in FRENCH GUIANA, these lovely red birds are called “Scarlet Ibis”.
Guiana Francesa
Francés Guiana
Guayana Francesa
Francés Guyana
French Guiana borders Brazil on the east and south of the north Atlantic coast of South America. The Spanish word for French Guiana is Guayana Francesa.
The beautiful wildflower gardens found in GREAT BRITAIN are beyond compare.
Brítana de Grande
Gran Bretaña
Gran Bretana
Britaña Grande
Also simply known as Britain, Great Britain is an island located in the North Atlantic just off of the western coast of Europe. The Spanish words for Great Britain are Gran Bretaña. Notice the word order and spelling. Also notice the tilde over the 'n' in Bretaña.
It appears that it is never too cold in ICELAND to take a dip into the water.
Fría de Tierra
Isla Fría
Iceland is a Nordic country located between the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. The Spanish word for Iceland is Islandia.
The people of KENYA are very proud of their country.
Kenya is an African country located on the equator. The Spanish word for Kenya is Kenia. It contains no accent marks.
MONACO is known for its wealthy ports, gambling and Princess Grace.
Monaco is what is known as a city-state. It is located on the French Riviera in Western Europe. Monaco is spelled the same in both English and Spanish except for the fact that in Spanish it contains an accent mark. This then tells you that the second answer can be eliminated. The Spanish word for Monaco is Mónaco. There is an accent mark above the first 'o'.
Author:  Christine G. Broome

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