Reading - My First ALL Spanish Quiz
How would you say 'The Statue of Liberty' if you were speaking Spanish?

Reading - My First ALL Spanish Quiz

Here it is, the really big one! Why? Because for this Spanish Difficult Review quiz you will get your first chance to read and find answers all in Spanish! It will, therefore, be one of the most challenging quizzes you will have taken thus far.

Because the quiz section will be entirely in Spanish, the challenge here is to see how quickly you can read the quiz questions and then find the answers to the questions. You have had a lot of practice so you have been well prepared for this quiz. Therefore, relax, sit back and just let the Spanish flow! Remember, there will be ten questions that will require an answer. ¡Comience el examen!

¿Cuándo come el almuerzo?
a medianoche
a las nueve
a desayuno
a mediodía
The question asks: When to you eat lunch? The first answer means at midnight. The second answer means at nine o’clock. The third answer means at breakfast and the last answer means at noon. People generally each lunch at noon.
¿Dónde encontrar un oso panda?
en la playa
en la tienda
en el zoológico
en la clínica
The question asks: Where would you find a panda bear? The first answer means at the beach. The second answer means at the store. The third answer means at the zoo and the last answer means at the clinic. Most people see a Panda bear at a zoo.
¿En qué ciudad es la Estatua de la Libertad?
Ciudad de Nueva York
The question asks: In what city is the Statue of Liberty? The Statue of Liberty is found in New York City.
¿En qué país encontrará matadores?
The question asks: In what country will you find bullfighters? Of the countries listed, you will most likely find bullfighters in Spain. Spain in Spanish is España.
¿Dónde encontrará arena, un oasis, escorpiones y cactus?
en las montañas
en el desierto
en los valles
en el tribunal
The question asks: Where will you find sand, an oasis, scorpions and cactus? You will find these in the desert. The Spanish word for desert is desierto.
Veo un cepillo de dientes, un lavabo, un bañera y jabón. ¿Dónde estoy?
en el baño
en el armario
en el vestíbulo
en la despensa
This reads: I see a toothbrush, a sink, a tub and soap. Where am I? If you see these items you are in the bathroom. The Spanish word for bathroom is baño.
¿Dónde los niños no jugarán?
barras del mono
The question asks: Where will children not play? The first answer means merry-go-round. The second answer means monkey bars. The third answer means swing and the last answer means cage. It is highly unlikely that children will play in a cage.
Jesús murió en esto.
The sentence reads: Jesus died on this. Jesus died on a cross. The Spanish word for cross is cruz.
El chico en una boda se llama ____.
el portador del anillo
el primo
el sobrino
el pequeño hombre
The sentence reads: The boy at a wedding is called ____. The boy at a wedding is called a ring bearer. In Spanish this would read: el portador del anillo.
¿Dónde encontraré un entresuelo?
en un choza
en un teatro
en una granja
en un barco
The question asks: Where will I find a mezzanine. You will find a mezzanine in a theater. The Spanish word for theater is teatro.
Author:  Christine G. Broome

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