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Spelling - Spelling Baseball - 1st Base
Can you say 'flying kite' in Spanish? What's more, can you correctly spell the Spanish words?

Spelling - Spelling Baseball - 1st Base

In this Spanish Difficult Review quiz you will begin to play a baseball game. That is, a spelling baseball game, so let’s get to 1st base! If you have been taking the quizzes in both the Spanish Easy Review and Spanish Medium Review quiz series then you should already be familiar with how this subseries of Spelling Baseball quizzes will work. It is similar to a game of baseball only, instead of a ball and bat, you have words that will help you get around the bases to score.

In Spanish Easy Review, each of the four baseball quizzes gave you a word or words that you had to spell correctly in Spanish. 1st base had really easy words and as you moved from base to base, the words became more difficult. In Spanish Medium Review you were given one word for 1st base, two for 2nd, three for 3rd and, finally, four or more words or a simple sentence for a homerun to score. Now, in Spanish Difficult Review, it will take a little more effort on your part to get to each base.

magic lamp
luz invisible
lámpara mágica
espuma llena
The first answer means lightbulb. The second answer means invisible light. The last answer means full lather and the third answer means magic lamp.
flying kite
creciendo cometa
soplando cometa
cayendo cometa
volando cometa
The Spanish word for kite is cometa. The first answer means growing kite. (The base form of creciendo is crecer.) The second answer means blowing kite. (The base form of soplando is soplar.) The third answer means falling kite. (The base from of cayendo is caer.) Finally, the last answer means flying kite. (The base from of volando is volar.)
desert cactus
cactus de destino
cactus de desierto
cactus de postre
cactus de diablo
The Spanish word for cactus is cactus. The first answer means destination cactus. The third answer means dessert cactus. The last answer means devil cactus and the second answer means desert cactus. Make sure you do not confuse desert and dessert.
good electrician
electricista bonito
mal electricista
buen electricista
electricista tonto
The Spanish word for electrician is electricista. It is the same for both masculine and feminine. Therefore good must be in the feminine form. Good is one of those adjectives that can come before or after a person, place of thing (noun). The first answer means pretty electrician. The second answer means bad electrician. The last answer means silly electrician and the third answer means good electrician.
eat tacos
hacer tacos
comer tacos
comprar tacos
vender tacos
These two words are giving a command. When a command is given, the base verb is used. The first answer means make tacos. The third answer means buy tacos. The last answer means sell tacos and the second answer means eat tacos.
wedding veil
velo de boda
torta de boda
zapatos de boda
anuncio de boda
The Spanish word for wedding is boda. The second answer means wedding cake. The third answer means wedding shoes. The last answer means wedding announcement and the first answer means wedding veil.
beach ball
juego de playa
conejito de playa
tiempo de playa
balón de playa
The Spanish word for beach is playa. The first answer means beach game. The second answer means beach bunny. The third answer means beach weather and the last answer means beach ball.
pink chrysanthemum
crisántemo rosado
crisañtemo rosado
crisantemo rosado
crisantemó rosado
For this one you will need to know how to spell chrysanthemum in Spanish. The correct spelling is crisantemo. There are no accent marks and there is no tilde.
clock tower
torre de reloj
torre de ciudad
torre de deporte
The Spanish word for tower is torre. The first answer is bell tower. The third answer is city tower. The last answer is sport’s tower and the second answer is clock tower.
spaghetti sauce
salsa de espagueti
salsa de espágueti
salsa de espaguetti
salsa de espáguetti
For this one you will need to know how to spell spaghetti in Spanish. The correct spelling is espagueti. There is no accent mark and there is only one 't'.
Author:  Christine G. Broome

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