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USA Road Trip
Find out the Spanish names for US states in this vocabulary quiz.

USA Road Trip

In this Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz we will be taking you on a road trip around the USA! No matter what country you live in you should be proud of your heritage. You should also get to know your country. Millions upon millions of tourists visit your homeland every year to see amazing sights and places and yet we, who live there, seem to take for granted what we have and we ignore what we have. Therefore, again, for this quick picture quiz we are going to focus on the states that are found in the United States of America (or USA. for short).

If you live in the USA, have you been to any of these states? Have you been to all of them? Again, as has been stated many times before, as this is a Spanish quiz the object here is to visit not only a few USA states but to visit them in their Spanish name.

You will notice that the names of many USA states are very similar in both languages. Therefore, this quiz has been set up to see how quickly you can locate the correct Spanish spelling of each state. While you are traveling through the USA, take a look at each picture and imagine yourself to be there! Now, let’s begin our USA road trip!

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You can find this bridge in the state of PENNSYLVANIA.
The Spanish word for Pennsylvania is Pensilvania. There is no accent mark.
You will find scenes like this in the state of WEST VIRGINIA.
Virginía Occidental
Virginia Óccidental
Virginia Occidental
Virgínia Occidéntal
The Spanish words for West Virginia are Virginia Occidental. There is no accent mark.
These children look like TEXAS cowboys.
The Spanish word for Texas is Texas. It is exactly the same in both languages and there is no accent mark.
Along the coastline of NORTH CAROLINA.
Norte Carolina
Norte Carolenia
Carolina del Norte
Carolenia del Norte
The Spanish words for North Carolina are Carolina del Norte. There is no accent mark and the word of North comes after Carolina.
You can find lots of palm trees in the state of CALIFORNIA.
The Spanish word for California is California. It is exactly the same in both languages and there is no accent mark.
Hula girls can be found all over the state of HAWAII.
The Spanish word for Hawaii is Hawái. Only the second 'i' is dropped off the word in Spanish and an accent mark appears above the second 'a'.
Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz lived in this state. What state was it?
If you have ever seen the movie The Wizard of Oz, you would have learned that Dorothy lived in Kansas. The Spanish word for Kansas is Kansas. It is exactly the same in both languages and there is no accent mark.
You will find thousands of yellow cabs in NEW YORK.
York de nuevó
Nuéva York
Nueva York
The Spanish words for New York are Nueva York.
This desert road leads to the fun gambling city of Las Vegas. What state is Las Vegas in?
Nuevo México
Nuevo Mexicó
First you will need to know the correct state where desert gambling city of Las Vegas is located. It is located in the state of Nevada. The second and third answers can be eliminated. The Spanish word for Nevada is Nevada. It is exactly the same in both languages and there is no accent mark.
These rock formations are found in the state of SOUTH DAKOTA.
Dákota del Sur
Dákota del Sur
Sur para Dakota
Dakota del Sur
The Spanish words for South Dakota are Dakota del Sur. There is no accent mark and the word of South comes after Dakota.
Author:  Christine G. Broome

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