Vocabulary - Rolling Through the Last Vocabulary List!
'She saw a mockingbird outside her window.' Can you translate this sentence from English into Spanish?

Vocabulary - Rolling Through the Last Vocabulary List!

This Spanish Difficult Review quiz addresses a variety of Spanish vocabulary words that are part of your last vocabulary list. What does that actually mean? Well, it means that this quiz will be the last vocabulary list of the Spanish Difficult Review quiz series. It also means that if you have made it to this quiz, you are almost done with the Spanish Difficult Review quiz series. Hooray! However, because it is the very last vocabulary list quiz – it is heavily packed with many, many new vocabulary words.

The words contained in this quiz are words that you will come across more frequently and/or that you will need to know to be able to read, write and speak in Spanish on a pretty sound basis.

For those of you who continue on with your Spanish learning, either in a classroom setting, through audio means or through an in-person tutor, you will continue to add to your vocabulary bank, as well as learn a few more verb tenses and also start to learn slang. Every language has slang and Spanish is no exception. However, steering your focus back to Spanish Difficult Review, it is time to take a look at you long, last list.

The list, again, is rather long but please do not feel overwhelmed. Take your time. As you have a wealth of Spanish experience already, this list will be a lot easier to remember than you think. So study each word, the word’s spelling, gender, etc., and say each word out loud in the proper Spanish pronunciation so that your ears can hear them and begin to recognize their sounds with what they are related to. When you are comfortable with knowing each of the words on the list, then you will be ready to move on to the quiz section. But first – the LAST LIST!


about sobre (can be used in place of de depending upon sentence context)
after después
articulate articulado / articulada
broth caldo [m]
brush cepillo [m]
bullet bala [f]
cart carro [m]
charade farsa [f]
comb peine [m]
cupboard alacena [f]
done hecho [m]
dream sueño [m]
drift a la deriva [f]
enough suficiente
everywhere en todas partes
fog niebla [f] (also means mist)
foggy brumoso / brumosa
follow (verb) seguir
friendly amistoso / amistosa
funny gracioso / graciosa
garden jardín [m]
graciously gentilmente
grow up (verb) crecer
gun pistola [f]
hammer martillo [m]
handsome guapo / guapa
hard duro / dura
hospital hospital
joy alegría [f]
ketchup salsa de tomate [f]
lane carril [m]
laundry ropa [f]
life vida [f]
long largo / larga
looking glass espejo [m]
lullaby canción de cuna [f]
majority mayoría [f]
magic mágico / mágica [m/f]
magnificent magnífico / magnífica
middle medio [m]
mockingbird zenzontle [m] and/or ruiseñor [m]
modest modesto / modesta
never nunca
news noticias [f]
none ninguno / ninguna
once una vez
over sobre
path camino [m]
people gente [f]
picture foto [m]
puzzle rompecabezas [m]
refrain abstenerse
Rudolf/Rudolph Rodolfo
season estación [f]
side lado [m]
sidewalk acera [f]
sign signo [m]
silly tonto / tonta
soft suave
somewhere en algún lugar
song canción [f]
sour ácido / ácida
sticker calcomanía [f]
teenager adolescente [m/f] (spelled the same for both male and female, only the definite article will tell them apart)
teeth dentadura [f]
Thanksgiving Day día de Acción de Gracias
there is hay [pronounced like a long 'I']
through a través de
transportation transporte [m]
trick truco [m]
twinkle (verb) brillar (also means shine, sparkle, glitter and gleam)
typical típico / típica
way camino [m]
world mundo [m]

Wow! That is an impressive list but you can do it! Now let’s start rolling through the quiz. Each sentence will either have an all capitalized word that you will need to find the corresponding Spanish word to, a blank space to be filled in or a question that will need to be answered. All answers will be in Spanish. In fact, some of the sentences and/or questions may be in Spanish as well. Ready? Fantastic! Then begin the last Spanish Difficult Review vocabulary quiz!

Invierno, primavera, verano y otoño son ____.
'Invierno, primavera, verano y otoño son' means 'Winter, spring, summer and fall are'. They are seasons. The Spanish word for seasons is estaciones. Note that temporadas also means seasons.
Once is never enough.
Una vez nunca es suficiente.
Once es nunca suficiente.
Felicidad nunca es suficiente.
Muchos nunca es suficiente.
Here you need to simply translate the given sentence. In order to say 'Once is never enough' in Spanish you would say: Una vez nunca es suficiente.
She saw a MOCKINGBIRD outside her window.
pavo real
The Spanish word for mockingbird is zenzontle.
Sally does the crossword PUZZLE every Sunday.
The Spanish word for puzzle is rompecabezas.
Which of the following would you not use on your hair?
The first answer means brush. The second answer means comb. The third answer means hammer and the last answer means ribbon. You would not use a hammer on your hair.
Are you DONE?
The Spanish word for done is hecho.
It is very foggy.
Es muy soleado.
Es muy lluvioso.
Es muy brumoso.
Es muy nublado.
Here you need to simply translate the given sentence. In order to say 'It is very foggy' in Spanish, you would simply say: Es muy brumoso.
They will FOLLOW me.
The given sentence is using a future tense verb and the pronoun of 'they' has been given. To say 'they will follow' in Spanish in the future tense one would say: seguirán.
In The Wizard of Oz Dorothy sang ____ the Rainbow.
A través de
In The Wizard of Oz Dorothy sang Over the Rainbow. The Spanish word for over is sobre.
In the United States of America, this is generally celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.
día de Acción de Gracias
día de los Inocentes
día de la Expiación
On the fourth Thursday in November, the United States of America generally celebrates Thanksgiving Day.
Author:  Christine G. Broome

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