Vocabulary - World Landmarks!
Big Ben is famous all over the world but do you know what it is called in Spanish?

Vocabulary - World Landmarks!

In this Spanish Difficult Review quiz you will get to review some of the world’s most famous landmarks. What are landmarks? Landmarks are commonly recognized and prominent natural or manmade features. These landmarks represent natural wonders, historic events, personal achievements and societal accomplishments. The world that we live in is filled with landmarks. Therefore, for this Spanish vocabulary quiz, you are about to learn the Spanish names of several of these magnificent landmarks. Have you seen any of them? Do you recognize any of them? Well, now you will be able to talk about them in both English and in Spanish! So, let’s take a look as some of the World’s famous landmarks!


Acropolis Acrópolis [f] (in Athens, Greece)
Alamo Álamo [m] (in San Antonio, Texas, U.S.)
Basilica of Saint Peter Basílica de San Pedro [f] (in Vatican City)
Chichén Itzá Chichén Itzá [m] (in Mexico – Mayan culture)
Clock Tower (Big Ben) torre de reloj [f] (in London, England)
Eiffel Tower Torre Eiffel [f] (in Paris, France)
Empire State Building Edificio Empire State [m] (in New York, NY, U.S.)
Giza Pyramid Pirámide de Giza [f] (near Cairo, Egypt)
Golden Gate Bridge Puente Golden Gate [m] (in San Francisco, CA, U.S.)
Grand Canyon Gran Cañón [m] (in Arizona, U.S.)
Great Wall of China Gran Muralla China [f] (in China)
Kremlin Kremlin [m] (in Moscow, Russia)
Leaning Tower of Pisa Torre Inclinada de Pisa [f] (in Pisa, Italy)
London Bridge Puente de Londres [m] (in London, England)
Mount Ararat Monte Ararat [m] (in Turkey)
Mount Rushmore Monte Rushmore [m] (in South Dakota, U.S.)
Palace of Versailles Palacio de Versalles [m] (in France)
Pantheon Panteón [m] (in Rome, Italy)
Roman Colosseum Coliseo Romano [m] (in Rome, Italy)
Sphinx esfinge [f] (near Cairo, Egypt)
Statue of Liberty Estatua de la Libertad [f] (in the U.S.)
Stonehenge Stonehenge [m] (in England)
Sydney Opera House Casa de la Ópera de Sídney [f] (in Sydney, Australia)
Taj Mahal Taj Mahal [m] (in India)
White House Casa Blanca [f] (in Washington, D.C., U.S.)

Do not forget to look at where each landmark can be found as you will need to know this information for some of the quiz questions. The quiz section contains either a sentence with an all capitalized landmark in English, a blank space or a question that needs to be answered so pay close attention to what you are required to do. Try not to look back on this Introduction as you take the quiz. Challenge yourself to not look back!

Monte Ararat is located in ____
Monte Ararat (Mount Ararat) is located in Turkey.
Puente de Londres is located in ____.
London, England
Paris, France
Pisa, Italy
Vatican City
Puente de Londres (the Tower of London) is located in London, England.
I was so excited when I finally got to see the esfinge!
The esfinge is the Sphinz.
The Giza Pyramid in Spanish is ____.
Píramide de Giza
Piramíde de Giza
Piramide de Giza
Pirámide de Giza
The Giza Pyramid in Spanish is Pirámide de Giza. Note the accent mark above the 'a'.
Gladiators fought here.
Torre Inclinada de Pisa
Casa de la Ópera de Sídney
Coliseo Romano
Edificio Empire State
Gladiators fought in the great Roman Colosseum. In Spanish that would be Coliseo Romano.
This landmark can be found in San Francisco, California.
Palacio de Versalles
Puente Golden Gate
Estatua de la Libertad
Basílica de San Pedro
The landmark that can be found in San Francisco, California is the Golden Gate Bridge which, in Spanish is, Puente Golden Gate.
The Torre Inclinada de Pisa is located in ____.
Pisa, Italy
London, England
Athens, Greece
Cairo, Egypt
The Torre Inclinada de Pisa (or the Leaning Tower of Pisa) is located in Pisa, Italy.
This is located in San Antonio, Texas.
Gran Cañón
torre de reloj
The landmark that is located in San Antonio, Texas is the Alamo. This is the same in both English and Spanish except that there is an accent mark above the first 'a', i.e., Álamo.
Basilica of Saint Peter in Spanish is ____.
Basílica de San Padre
Basílica de San Palo
Basílica de San Pedro
Basílica de San Pidia
The Basilica of Saint Peter in Spanish is Basílica de San Pedro. Note the accent mark above the first 'i'.
The Edificio Empire State is located in ____.
Paris, France
New York City, NY
San Francisco, CA
Vatican City
The Edificio Empire State (or the Empire State Building) is located in New York City, NY.
Author:  Christine G. Broome

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