World Landmarks 1
There are many famous landmarks around the world - see if you know their names in Spanish.

World Landmarks 1

For this Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz, and its sister quiz to follow, we will be taking you around the world to look at some of the world’s wondrous landmarks. A landmark is either a natural or manmade fixture that is easily recognizable. For example, Diamond Head, a natural volcanic cone located on the Hawaiian island of O’ahu, is easily and quickly recognized by people the world over. Then there is the Acropolis located in Athens, Greece. It is a manmade structure but it, too, is easily and quickly recognized by people the world over.

Landmarks are part of the world’s history and that makes them just as important in Spanish as they are in English. In your Spanish Difficult Review academic quiz series, you were given a number of world landmarks that are, perhaps, among some of the more famous. Now you get to test your memory on ten of those structures.

Try to move through the quiz quickly and look carefully at each pictures as the pictures show you the landmarks. If you would like a review of the landmarks in Spanish, please check out the Spanish Difficult Review vocabulary quiz titled World Landmarks! and then when you are ready, begin your journey around the world!

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Do you recognize this building? It is found in India. It is the ____.
Chichén Itzá
Taj Mahal
Estatua de la Libertad
The building you are looking at is the Taj Mahal. It is spelled the same in both English and Spanish.
The is one of the seven wonders of the world and can be found in Arizona. It is massive and deep. It is called the ____.
piedra de Blarney
Grandes Lagos
Gran Cañón
El Palacio de Buckingham
As one of the seven wonders of the world and located in Arizona, the picture shows you the Grand Canyon. The Spanish words for Grand Canyon are Gran Cañón.
You will have to go to Paris, France to see this famous world landmark. It is called the ____.
Torre Eiffel
Torre de Bable
Torre del Edén
Torre de Londres
This famous manmade structure that is found in Paris, France is called the Eiffel Tower. The Spanish words for Eiffel Tower are Torre Eiffel.
To see this ancient landmark you will need to go to Egypt. It is known as the ____.
Torre de Reloj
Puente Golden Gate
Pirámide de Giza
This famous landmark is found in Egypt and is known as the Giza Pyramid. The Spanish words for Giza Pyramid are Pirámide de Giza.
This majestic and ancient building is found in Greece. It is the ____.
Casa Blanca
Casa de la Ópera de Sidney
This majestic and ancient landmark building is found in Greece and is known as the Pantheon. The Spanish word for Pantheon is Panteón.
You will find this manmade structure in Vatican City. It is ____.
Edificio Empire State
Palacio de Versalles
Basílica de San Pedro
Chichén Itzá
This beautiful building that is found in the Vatican City is the Basilica of Saint Peter. The Spanish words for Basilica of Saint Peter are Basílica de San Pedro.
This will be found in a town in Italy and it wasn’t always slanting. It is the ____.
Edificio Empire State
Torre Inclinada de Pisa
Chichén Itzá
Coliseo Romano
Found in Italy you might find yourself tilting to get a good look at the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The Spanish words for Leaning Tower of Pisa are Torre Inclinada de Pisa.
Found in South Dakota in the United States, there are four U.S. Presidents engraved on it. It is ____.
Monte Sinaí
Monte Ararat
Monte Vesubio
Monte Rushmore
The world landmark that is found in South Dakota and has four U.S. Presidents engraved on it is called Mount Rushmore. The Spanish words for Mount Rushmore are Monte Rushmore.
Another trip to Egypt will bring you to this catlike landmark. It is where the body looks like a cat and the head looks human. Is it a cat? What is it called?
In Egypt there is a landmark that many say looks like a cat with a human head. It is called the Sphinx. The Spanish word for Sphinx is esfinge.
No one knows for sure who built this or for what reason but it is found in the United Kingdom. It is known as ____.
Gran Muralla China
Casa Blanca
Gran Cañón
This well-known structure found in the United Kingdom is that of Stonehenge. It is spelled the same way in both English and Spanish.
Author:  Christine G. Broome

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