Writing - Nursery Rhyme: Woman in a Shoe
Nursery rhymes are child's play - but can you recite them in Spanish?

Writing - Nursery Rhyme: Woman in a Shoe

In this Spanish Difficult Review quiz you will be covering the nursery rhyme of Woman in a Shoe as it is spoke in Spanish. Anyone who has grown up with a lot of siblings can probably related quite well to this classic nursery rhyme. For those who were an only child or who had only a couple of siblings, it was probably fun to imagine what it must have been like to grow up in a small house with so many people.

The official name of this rhyme is There was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe. It is another of the very famous rhymes where the original author is not known. First published in 1794, some people believed the rhyme was actually about King George II (1683-1760) but that has never been proven true nor false.

Other speculations surrounding the rhyme state that its meaning had to do with young brides. In order to conceive, a young bride would have to put on the shoe of a woman who had children. This would assure her of having many children but, alas, she could wind up having way too many children.

In 1978, Marjorie Ainsworth Decker published what has been referred to as a Christian version of the rhyme. In Ms. Decker’s version, rather than whipping the children before sending them off to bed, she has the old woman kissing them before sending them off to bed.

Another short rhyme of only four lines, this quiz will include lines and/or phrases that will need to be translated, as well as questions and/or statements about the rhyme. In addition, as it is a writing quiz, you are being asked to write down each of the quiz sentences/phrases as given in Spanish and then see if you can write out the English translation and/or answer. Match up your translation and/or answer to what has been given here to see if what you wrote matches up to one of the given answers. Don’t forget to select what you believe is the correct answer.

Allí estuvo una vieja mujer…
All the old women...
All the women were old...
There was an old woman...
There was one very old woman...
The given phrase reads: There was an old woman…
…quien vivió en un zapato.
...why she was living in a shoe.
...how she lived in a shoe.
...when living in a shoe.
...who lived in a shoe.
The given phrase reads: …who lived in a shoe.
Ella tuvo tantos niños…
She took tones of children...
She had so many children...
She told so many children...
She visited tons of children...
The given phrase reads: She had so many children…
…ella no supo qué hacer.
...she didn't know what to do.
...she didn't have any support.
...she didn't know what to make of it.
...she didn't spend what was needed.
The given phrase reads: …she didn’t know what to do.
Ella les dio un poco de caldo…
She gave them each a biscuit...
She gave them a small swat...
She have them a little medicine...
She gave them some broth...
The given phrase reads: She have them some broth…
…sin ningún tipo de pan.
...with no butter on their bread.
...without any bread.
...without jelly on their bread.
...with nothing on their bread.
The given phrase reads: …without any bread.
Ella les todos bateó a pierna suelta…
She whipped them all soundly...
She kissed them all soundly...
She told them a loud story...
She blessed them all lovingly...
The given phrase reads: She whipped them all soundly…
…y ella les puso a la cama.
...and she punished them all.
...and she sent them to bed.
...and she put them to bed.
...and she messed up their beds.
The given phrase reads: …and she put them to bed.
Esta rima estuvo publicó por primera en ____.
The given sentence reads: This rhyme was first published in ____. It was first published in 1794.
Ella cambió bateó a besó.
Margaret Mitchell
Marjorie Ainsworth Decker
Jane Austen
Louisa May Alcott
The given sentence reads: She changed whipped to kissed. In 1978, Marjorie Ainsworth Decker changed the two words to make the rhyme more Christian.
Author:  Christine G. Broome

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