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Math - Counting in the Hundreds (Quiz 1)
This math quiz will test your knowledge of Spanish numbers between 101 and 499.

Math - Counting in the Hundreds (Quiz 1)

In this Spanish Medium Review quiz you will be reviewing how to count in the lower hundreds. In the Spanish Easy Review quiz series you learned how to count from 0 to 100. Life would be great if that was all that you needed to learn but numbers go much higher than 100. Now that you are tackling the Spanish Medium Review quiz series it is time to learn more numbers. With Counting in the Hundreds (Quiz 1) you will be introduced to the numbers 101 through 499.

Do not get startled by this large set of numbers. As you may recall from the counting review quizzes, the numbers you have learned so far are 0, 1 through 15, then 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100. That’s a total of only 25 numbers. Remember that the numbers 1 through 9 are repeated over and over again and then you just need to know the numbers for 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100. This trend will continue on throughout the hundreds so it will be a lot easier than you think.

As you may recall, cien is 100. It is used before nouns such as 'cien libros' which means 100 books (or a hundred books) or 'cien perros' which means 100 dogs. However, to say that there are hundreds of books or hundreds of dogs, cien becomes 'cientos' or 'cientos de libros' and 'cientos de perros' for hundreds of books and hundreds of dogs.

Now, I bet you thought that to say 101 you would say 'cien y uno' right? WRONG. When continuing to count after 100, cien becomes ciento and the 'y' is no longer used between the hundreds and the following numbers beginning with the number one. For example, 101 is 'ciento uno', 102 is 'ciento dos', 103 is 'ciento tres' and so on. However, the 'y' remains in the regular counting numbers from 116 through 199. In other words, 116 would be ciento diez y seis.

Now let’s move on to the number 200. Your first thought might be that it would be said as 'dos cien' right? WRONG. In order to say 200 you say 'doscientos'. It is one word. To say 204 you would say 'doscientos cuatro'. Notice that ciento becomes plural by adding the letter 's' at the end of the word starting with the number 200.

Okay, now let’s take a closer look at the hundreds.


101 one hundred one ciento uno
102 one hundred two ciento dos
103 one hundred three ciento tres
104 one hundred four ciento cuatro
105 one hundred five ciento cinco
106 one hundred six ciento seis
107 one hundred seven ciento siete
108 one hundred eight ciento ocho
109 one hundred nine ciento nueve
110 one hundred ten ciento diez
111 one hundred eleven ciento once
112 one hundred twelve ciento doce
113 one hundred thirteen ciento trece
114 one hundred fourteen ciento catorce
115 one hundred fifteen ciento quince
116 one hundred sixteen ciento diez y seis (ciento dieciséis)
117 one hundred seventeen ciento diez y siete (ciento diecisiete)
118 one hundred eighteen ciento diez y ocho (ciento dieciocho)
119 one hundred nineteen ciento diez y nueve (ciento diecinueve)
120 one hundred twenty ciento veinte
121-199 continue the counting one hundred twenty-one – one hundred ninety-nine ciento veinte y uno, ciento veinte y dos, etc. (fill in each number up to 199)
200 two hundred doscientos
300 three hundred trescientos
400 four hundred cuatrocientos
499 four hundred ninety-nine cuatrocientos noventa y nueve

Note that counting in the 200’s, 300’s and 400’s repeats the same pattern found in the 100’s. In other words, 215 would be doscientos quince, 333 in Spanish would be trescientos treinta y tres and 457 would be cuatrocientos cincuenta y siete. In other words, the only new vocabulary words that you really need to learn are ciento, doscientos, trescientos and cuatrocientos. The numbers one through ninety-nine are simply repeated after each hundreds. So, you see, learning to count in Spanish is actually quite easy one you get one through ninety-nine down.

Okay, now let’s head on down to the quiz questions. Each question contains a number that is shown either in Spanish or in English. You are to locate that number’s translated counterpart. Do you think you are ready? Then begin the quiz!

What is trescientos cincuenta y siete in English?
Trescientos cincuenta y siete is Spanish for the English number 357.
What is doscientos ochenta y cinco in English?
Doscientos ochenta y cinco is Spanish for the English number 285.
What is cuatrocientos catorce in English?
Cuatrocientos catorce is Spanish for the English number 414.
What is ciento sesenta y seis in English?
Ciento sesenta y seis is Spanish for the English number 166.
What is the number 252 in Spanish?
dos ciencincuenta y dos
dos cien cincuenta y dos
doscientos cincuenta y dos
doscientas cincuenta y dos
The first and second answers are both improperly written. The number 200 is never dos cien so these two are not the correct number in Spanish. The last answer has treated the number 200 as an adjective and changed it to a feminine form. When counting number, they are not adjectives so they do not take on a feminine form. Therefore, the last answer is not correct. The Spanish number for 252 is doscientos cincuenta y dos.
What is the number 334 in Spanish?
trescientos trienta y cuatro
trescientos treinta y cuarto
tresceintos treinta y cuatro
trescientos treinta y cuatro
At first glance it appears that all four answers are giving the same answer. However, you need to closely look at the spelling. The first answer has misspelled the number 30. The second answer has misspelled the number 4. The third answer has misspelled the number 300. The Spanish number for 334 is trescientos treinta y cuatro.
What is the number 109 in Spanish?
cientos y nueve
ciento nueve
cientos neuve
cien y nueve
In Spanish, starting with the number 101, the 'y' is no longer used between the hundred’s number and the following numbers. Therefore, the first and last answers can be eliminated. The third answer has misspelled the number 9. The Spanish number for 109 is ciento nueve. Remember, an 's' is only added to the end of this word if you are saying hundreds and/or beginning with the number 200.
What is the number 482 in Spanish?
cuatrocientos ochenta y dos
cuatrocientos setenta y dos
cuatrocientos noventa y dos
cuatrocientos sesenta y dos
The Spanish number for 482 is cuatrocientos ochenta y dos.
What is doscientos diez y siete in English?
Doscientos diez y siete is Spanish for the English number 217.
What is ciento veinte y dos in English?
Ciento veinte y dos is Spanish for the English number 122.
Author:  Christine G. Broome

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