Vocabulary - Yummy for Your Tummy!
Add the Spanish words for hotdog, and some other delicious foods, to your vocabulary!

Vocabulary - Yummy for Your Tummy!

In this Spanish Medium Review quiz we will look at vocabulary words for things that are yummy for your tummy! Mmm, that sure sounds good and, if you think on it hard, it might even smell good too! Aromas are, after all, a wonderful thing as they can tell you what is cooking long before you even enter into a kitchen. Can you tell if chocolate chip cookies are baking in the oven? How about when a good roast is in the oven? On a cold day, the smell of soup cooking on the stove seems glorious. Yes, food can trigger many feelings and memories.

As you continue to learn Spanish, you can talk about triggering foods in Spanish. You can also have some fun as you practice saying your food vocabulary words. Test it out on the cook (usually Mom) in the house (keeping a straight face naturally). Then again, that person (Mom) could surprise you and know exactly what it is that you are talking about. If she doesn’t, you can sit back and see what it is that she will come up with to give you. Hopefully it will still be yummy for your tummy!

Now let’s take a look at some foods that can be yummy for your tummy!


appetizer aperitivo [m]
bean frijol [m] (note that the J has an H sound)
beef carne de res [f] (meat of beast/animal)
beer cerveza [f]
casserole cacerola [f]
cheese queso [m] (pronounced as kāy-sō)
cocoa cacao [m]
coffee café [m]
cream crema [f]
hamburger hamburguesa [f] (note that the H is silent)
hot dog perro caliente [m] (dog hot)
juice jugo [m] (note that the J sounds like an H)
ketchup catsup [m]
mayonnaise mayonesa [f]
meat carne [f]
milkshake batido de leche [m] (shake of milk)
mustard mostaza [f]
pasta / spaghetti espagueti [m]
pickle escabeche [m]
pizza pizza [f]
pork carne de cerdo [f] (meat of pig)
roast asado [m]
rolls rollo [m] (pronounced as rō-yō)
salad ensalada [f]
salad dressing aliño [m]
sandwich sándwich [m]
soda gaseosa [f]
soup sopa [f]
squash calabaza [f] (note that this also means pumpkin)
steak filete [m] (pronounced as fē-lě-tāy)
vegetable vegetal [m]
wine vino [m]

Are you feeling just a wee bit hungry now. Then move on down to the quiz questions and when you are done – grab a bite to eat!

There are ten sentences and each sentence has a blank space. From the four answers given, see if you can locate the correct Spanish word that would fit into that blank space to complete the sentence. There may seem to be more than one word that can fit in so be sure to read the full sentence and its context to find the best answer that will fit.

Have you ever had a Coney Island ____?
perro caliente
Originally found at the Coney Island Amusement Park, many places now sell the Coney Island hot dog. Perro caliente is Spanish for hot dog.
The restaurant offered apple, cranberry and grape ____.
The restaurant offered apple, cranberry and grape juice. The first answer means roast. The third answer means rolls and the last answer means soup. Neither of them would have worked. The second answer means juice.
Grandma Judy makes her own ____ for her lasagna.
Grandma Judy makes her own pasta for her lasagna. The second answer means mustard. The third answer means squash. The last answer means beer. Neither of them would work in this sentence. The first answer means pasta.
She added a jar of Kosher dill ____ to her shopping list.
These are always very popular! She added a jar of Kosher dill pickles to her shopping list. The first answer means meats. The second answer means steaks and the third answer means salad dressings. Neither of these would work in the blank space. The last answer means pickles.
My grandfather always puts lots of Parmesan ____ on his spaghetti.
A favorite on many Italian dishes is Parmesan cheese. The second answer means cocoa. The third answer means mustard and the last answer means wine. Neither of these words will work. The first answer means cheese.
Grace ordered a chocolate ____ at the ice-cream shop.
carne de cerdo
batido de leche
carne de res
What would Grace order at an ice-cream shop – something that would be one of the new vocabulary words here? Grace would order a chocolate milkshake at the ice-cream shop. The first answer means soup. The second answer means pork. The last answer means beef. These answers do not fit in well in the blank space of the sentence. Finally, the third answer means milkshake.
Have you ever had any Boston Baked ____?
Besides Boston Cream Pie and lobster, Boston is very famous for their baked beans! So, have you ever had and Boston Baked Beans? The first answer means sandwiches (that was easy). The third answer means roasts. The last answer means squashes. Neither of these answers fit in properly into the blank space. The second answer means beans.
All she ordered for dinner was a Caesar ____.
This is served in nearly every restaurant. It is the popular Caesar salad. The first answer means coffee. The second answer means hamburger. The third answer means roll. Neither of these answers fits in well into the blank. The last answer means salad.
We ordered a small ____ before our main meal.
These are bite-sized snacks that are served in restaurants while you wait for the main meal. They are called appetizers. The second answer means soda. The third answer means casserole. The last answer means vegetable. Although they could fit into the sentence, they are not generally served before the main meal. The first answer means appetizer.
When you are not feeling well, a nice hot bowl of chicken noodle ____ can help you to feel better.
A nice hot bowl of chicken noodle soup can help you when you do not feel well. The first answer means cream. The second answer means wine. The third answer means meat. Neither of these can really help you when you are ill. The last answer means soup.
Author:  Christine G. Broome

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