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Other Influential Painters
Eggs - a symbol of new life, a source of food... and an ingredient of paint?

Other Influential Painters

There have been countless influential artists throughout history. From the dawn of the Renaissance to the current day, the created image has brought both joy and wonder to our lives.

To write a quiz on each of them would have been a delight, but sadly it would have taken a lifetime - and so much of the website that it would have to be renamed Artist Quizzes rather than Education Quizzes! Because of this I have had to choose just 15 painters worthy of their own quiz; a difficult task given the amount of talented artists there have been. 15 seems too small a number so, to give light to a few more, I have written this quiz which features some of the most influential artists not mentioned elsewhere.

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The Brera Madonna was painted by the Florentine Piero della Francesca in 1474. In addition to being an artist, what else was Piero's occupation?
He was a doctor
He was a mathematician
He was an undertaker
He was an architect
Piero wrote at least three treatises on subjects such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and perspective. His work on solid geometry was copied in the 1509 book De divina proportione, which was illustrated by Leonardo da Vinci
Tod und Feuer or Death and Fire is probably the last work by the Swiss/German artist Paul Klee. He taught at which famous German school?
Berlin Universität
Schulklasse Hamburg
Klee, along with Wassily Kandinsky, was a member of the Blaue Reiter group of artists.
As well as Bauhaus, Klee also taught at the Düsseldorf Academy until he was victimised by a Nazi newspaper which called him "a typical Galician Jew". His home was searched by the Gestapo and he was dismissed from his job. He and his family emigrated to Switzerland soon after
Munich-Schwabing with the Church of St. Ursula was painted by Wassily Kandinsky in 1908. Kandinsky is said to be the first artist to paint which style of art?
American Realism
Impressionist Art
Art Deco
Abstract Art
Kandinsky was a Russian painter who emigrated to Germany in the 1890s. There he met other artists and founded Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider), a group of modern artists named after a painting by Kandinsky
This is perhaps the most famous painting by the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. What is its title?
The Horror
The Ghost
The Terror
The Scream
Munch made four versions of The Scream - two in pastels and two in paint. The version shown here was stolen from the National Gallery in Oslo in 1994 but recovered the same year. Another version was taken from The Munch Museum in Oslo in 2004, but recovered, slightly damaged, 2 years later. One of the pastels was sold for $119,922,500 (£70,230,200) in 2012 and is the only version which cannot be found in a Norwegian museum
Located in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy, the Madonna Enthroned was painted by which Italian artist?
Leonardo da Vinci
Giotto, who died in 1337, was the first western artist to successfully illustrate 3-dimensional figures in his art. He is considered to have been the father of the Italian Renaissance which spread artistic culture throughout Europe during the following two centuries
Painted by the Dutch artist Jan van Eyck in 1434, the Arnolfini Portrait is one of the oldest surviving panel paintings to be crafted in oils rather than which traditional painting medium made from eggs?
Tempera was made by mixing pigment with egg yolk and had been the primary material for painting up until the invention of oils.
Van Eyck's portrait is remarkable in its detail. It has been suggested that the artist made use of a magnifying glass so that he could paint the tiny glints of light on each of the beads which hang beside the mirror in the background
The Desperate Man is a self portrait by French artist Gustave Courbet. He was imprisoned and exiled after he wrote a letter requesting that a column in Paris erected by which former leader should be dismantled?
Maximilien Robespierre
Charles X
Napoleon Bonaparte
Louis XV
Courbet had written that "the Vendôme Column is a monument devoid of all artistic value". The column was indeed destroyed by a group of revolutionaries. Courbet was accused of inciting them, gaoled for two years and then made to pay the money to replace it. Courbet could not afford the cost and so he fled France and spent the rest of his life in Switzerland
Painted in 1888 The Swineherd, Brittany was created by Paul Gauguin. In which style of modern art was Gauguin a pioneer?
Synthetism (from the French word for 'synthesise') was a term used by Gauguin and other artists to distinguish their work from Impressionism. The artists who painted in the Synthetist style sought to combine outward appearance, aesthetic considerations such as colour, and their own feelings about the subject into their works
What is the title of this 1863 work by Édouard Manet which is seen as a major influence on the Impressionist movement?
The Luncheon on the Grass
Nude with Food
The Picnic in the Park
Nude with Friends
The piece was controversial as some claimed that it was of the Bois de Boulogne, a park in Paris which had a notoriety for prostitution. Nonetheless, the painting is considered to be one of Manet's masterpieces
The Kiss is a 1908 painting by which Austrian artist who is said to bridge the gap between symbolism and modernism, and also to be a forerunner of geometric abstraction?
Hans Holbein
Gustav Klimt
Max Ernst
Franz Marc
The Kiss is a mix of styles. Modern Art Nouveau is mixed with the old Arts and Crafts style to create a new work in a style of its own.
This painting is many people's favourite Klimt


Author:  Graeme Haw

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