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Art Quizzes

If you are a budding artist then be sure to check out the BBC initiative, "The Big Painting Challenge" where you will find both advice and inspiration!

Art is such a vast subject. Everyone has a favourite painter, or painting. Whether you are into Renaissance, Romanticism, Impressionism or even Modern Art, we have something to challenge you and test your arty skills!

Mankind has been creating works of art for at least 40,000 years as ancient paintings on the walls of European and Asian caves show.

With the advent of civilisation art progressed. The ancient Greeks were masters of the human form and their sculptures, as well as being beautiful, accurately depict the musculature of the human body.

Quiz Title Options
Painter - William Blake Painter - William Blake Play
Painter - Caravaggio Painter - Caravaggio Play
Painter - Paul Cezanne Painter - Paul Cezanne Play
Painter - Leonardo da Vinci Painter - Leonardo da Vinci Play
Painter - Edgar Degas Painter - Edgar Degas Play
Painter - Francisco Goya Painter - Francisco Goya Play
Painter - William Hogarth Painter - William Hogarth Play
Painter - Claude Monet Painter - Claude Monet Play
Painter - Raphael Painter - Raphael Play
Painter - Rembrandt Painter - Rembrandt Play
Painter - Pierre-Auguste Renoir Painter - Pierre-Auguste Renoir Play
Painter - Peter Paul Rubens Painter - Peter Paul Rubens Play
Painter - Titian Painter - Titian Play
Painter - JMW Turner Painter - JMW Turner Play
Painter - Vincent van Gogh Painter - Vincent van Gogh Play
Other Influential Painters Other Influential Painters Play
Sculptor - Gian Lorenzo Bernini Sculptor - Gian Lorenzo Bernini Play
Sculptor - Donatello Sculptor - Donatello Play
Sculptor - Michelangelo Sculptor - Michelangelo Play
Sculptor - Rodin Sculptor - Rodin Play
Periods - Renaissance and Baroque Periods - Renaissance and Baroque Play
Periods - Romanticism Periods - Romanticism Play
Periods - Impressionism Periods - Impressionism Play
Periods - Modern Art Periods - Modern Art Play
Galleries - Louvre and Guggenheim Galleries - Louvre and Guggenheim Play
Galleries - Metropolitan and National Gallery Galleries - Metropolitan and National Gallery Play
Galleries - British Museum and Tate Modern Galleries - British Museum and Tate Modern Play
Artists' Tools Artists' Tools Play
Artists' Materials Artists' Materials Play
Art Quotes Art Quotes Play

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