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Painter - Claude Monet
A portrait of Claude Monet, painted in 1875 by his friend and fellow artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Painter - Claude Monet

Oscar-Claude Monet was born on the 14th of November 1840 in Paris. When Monet was 16 years old his mother died and he went to live with his aunt.

In 1861 he joined the army, leaving 2 years later to study art. He moved to Paris to study under Charles Gleyre, and whilst there he befriended other artists such as Renoir.

Monet had his first piece accepted for display in 1865, and in 1874 the first Impressionist exhibition was held, in which Monet took part.

Monet struggled with depression which was not helped when his wife and model, Camille, died at the age of 32. He painted a study of her body and the resultant piece expresses his intense sense of loss.

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Painted in 1875, Snow at Argenteuil was said to have discouraged which famous contemporary of Monet's from painting winter scenes?
Vincent Van Gogh
Paul Cézanne
Edgar Degas
Édouard Manet
The painting's one time owner, Théodore Duret, recalled a conversation he had with Manet; 'One winter he [Manet] wanted to paint a snow scene. I had in my possession just such a piece from Monet. After seeing it, he said “It is perfect! I would not know how to do better”, whereupon he gave up painting snow'
This 1872 painting of Le Havre harbour gave its name to which artistic movement?
The Modernist Movement
The Romantic Movement
The Cubist Movement
The Impressionist Movement
The piece is entitled Impression, Sunrise and it suggests its subject rather than portraying it precisely. The painting was first displayed in 1874 and it was not well received by every viewer. It aroused this comment from one critic: "Wallpaper in its embryonic state is more finished than that seascape"
What is the title of this painting which Monet created in 1883 in the town of Étretat?
Life in Étretat
Fishermen in Étretat
Cliffs in Étretat
Stormy Sea in Étretat
At the time Monet was living in a hotel in Étretat, from the window of which he could see the cliffs. The painting gives a wonderful impression of a rain filled sky and a violent sea. Even the strata in the rocks are described by the horizontal strokes of the artist's brush
San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk is a scene of which city, which Monet described as "too beautiful to be painted"?
Monet painted several pictures of the monastery on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, each in different conditions of light. This version, showing a sunset, can be found in the National Museum of Cardiff
Garden at Sainte-Adresse was painted by Monet in 1867. His friend, Renoir, is said to have given it what nickname?
The Colourful Painting
The Flags
The Japanese painting
The Happy Family
The horizontal division of the painting into areas of different colour is reminiscent of Japanese prints, which were collected by both artists
This work Le Bassin Aux Nymphéas sold at auction in 2008 for £40,921,250 making it the most expensive piece by Monet. What is its name in English?
Bath of Nymphs
Water Lily Pond
Basin of Nymphs
Water Lily Lake
The painting was one of over 60 done of the same subject. The pond was a part of Monet's garden, various parts of which he painted in the latter part of his career
This is one of a series of paintings by Monet of which bridge in London?
Waterloo Bridge
London Bridge
Charing Cross Bridge
Tower Bridge
Inspired by his time in London, Monet painted several pictures of Charing Cross Bridge, the Houses of Parliament and Waterloo Bridge, between 1899 and 1901. He also painted a scene of Leicester Square at night time
One of more than 100 snowscapes painted by Monet, this piece, painted between 1868-1869, is named after which bird, which can be seen perched on a gate towards the left of the picture?
A magpie
A crow
A jackdaw
A rook
The painting is an example of Monet's use of colour (blue in this case) to create shadows. The Impressionists would become known for their challenging of the accepted use of black for all shadows
Monet painted a number of pictures showing stacks of hay, wheat, straw or grain. What is the name for this series?
Although some of the individual paintings are called Grainstacks or Wheatstacks the series as a whole is called Haystacks. It consists of 25 paintings which Monet created between 1890 - 1891 - although some people also include other works of the same subject painted at different times
This is a painting of which river, which was near to Monet's home in Giverny?
The Seine
The Epte
The Somme
The Loire
The two girls in the picture, Boating on the River Epte, are thought to be the children of Ernest Hoschedé, a patron of Monet. Hoschedé died in 1891 and the following year Monet married his widow, Alice


Author:  Graeme Haw

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