The end of the world is nigh
Many have falsely claimed that the end is nigh, but this time they might be right.

End of the World Predictions Quiz

In January 2020 a paper produced by an Australian think tank predicted that human civilisation would come to an end by the year 2050 unless something drastic was done immediately to combat climate change. Scary stuff, but it’s not the first time the end of the world has been foretold. Ancient cultures have pondered our fate since they first became aware of time, and religious tomes are full of fateful forewarnings.

There have been so many predictions made that it’s almost impossible to keep count. The vast majority of these have proven false. In fact, the only ones which have not are those which haven’t yet been tested as they predict the end to come in future years.

But it’s not all doom and gloom – there’s fun to be had reading some of the prophesies which have failed to materialise. How well do you know your mystics and seers? Have a go at this light-hearted quiz and find out. I predict you will score 10 out of 10!

In Norse mythology, the world is expected to end in a great battle known as Ragnarök. What does Ragnarök translate into English as?
The war of the gods
The dance of the gods
The doom of the gods
The struggle of the gods
According to this prediction, the world will end with a battle between the gods, causing natural disasters and the drowning of the world. After these, a new world will rise from the waves and be repopulated by two surviving humans
The Book of Revelation is believed by some to predict the end of the world. Who supposedly wrote it?
St Matthew
St Mark
St Luke
St John
Revelation describes the last seven years on earth, the return of the Messiah, and a final judgment of mankind – cheery stuff!
Ursula Southeil, who lived in Yorkshire in the 15th and 16th Centuries, was said to have predicted the world would end in 1881. By what name is Ursula better known?
Mother Shipton
The Wise Old Woman
The Soothsayer of Scarborough
Prophetess of the Petrifying Well
Mother Shipton’s most famous prophecy said:
The world to an end shall come,
In eighteen hundred and eighty-one.
However, this did not appear in print until 1862. Later, a Mr. Charles Hindley admitted that he had added it himself
Cult leader, Charles Manson, predicted that a race war would bring the world to an end in 1969. He named this war after which fairground attraction?
Helter Skelter
Roller Coaster
Manson and his followers began a murder spree in an effort to bring about the war. His prediction was based on his interpretation of lyrics from the Beatles’ White Album!
In the 1960s, the Jehovah’s Witnesses predicted Armageddon would come in the Autumn of 1975. Why did they choose this date?
Because of the war in Vietnam
Because their leader had a prophetic dream
Because Earth’s population would exceed 4 billion
Because it was the 6000th anniversary of mankind’s creation
The Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that Adam was created in the autumn of 4026 BCE, so 1975 would mark 6000 years since then. They admitted their error in 1980, and said that they “regretted” their claim
A 16th Century mystic predicted that the "King of Terror" would fall from the sky in 1999. Many believed this forewarned of nuclear war, but in the event nothing happened. Who was the French prophet?
Gregory of Tours
Pope Innocent III
Joan of Arc
Predictions which Nostradamus “successfully” made include the Great Fire of London, the French Revolution, the rise of Napoleon, Adolf Hitler, and both world wars
Many people expected the world to come to an end on the 21st of December, 2012. The event was said to have been predicted by which ancient civilisation?
The Egyptians
The Mayans
The Greeks
The Aztecs
The Mayan Calendar, which began at the “creation of the world” in 3114 BCE, ended on December 21st, 2012. Despite expectations of catastrophe, the day came and went, just like any other
Ronald Weinland, a minister in the Church of God, predicted the end of the world to occur on how many different occasions?
Weinland predicted that Jesus would return in 2011. When the Messiah failed to show his face, Weinland changed the date to 2012, then 2013, 2018 and finally 2019. Apparently, he then began to doubt his predictive ability!
Grigori Rasputin, the Russian “holy-man”, predicted the world would end in 2013. Which disco band sang about Rasputin?
Boney M
The Bee Gees
Sister Sledge
The Village People
Rasputin claimed that a great storm would occur on August the 23rd that year, and that a fire would burn most life on Earth. But it’s not all bad - Jesus would return to comfort those in distress!
Putting human civilisation to one side, scientists predict that the Earth will be destroyed in 5 billion years-time. How will this happen?
The Sun will explode, destroying the Earth
The “Big Rip” will bring the universe to an end
Earth will be swallowed up by the Sun
The “Heat Death” of the universe will bring it to an end
The Sun is expected to become a red giant star and to grow up to 250 times its current size, swallowing up Mercury, Venus and the Earth. Long before then, life on Earth will become impossible as the Sun becomes steadily hotter
Author:  Graeme Haw

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