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History is not only about events of the dim and distant past. More recent happenings are also historic. What was making the news and dominating conversation just a few years ago can make for interesting reading. It’s fascinating to see how topics which seemed so important back then have become more so since, or else faded from memory.

From December 2019 to the summer of 2020 we monitored the news and chose the issues people were discussing the most. We then wrote a quiz inspired by the story – though not necessarily related to it, as we shall see.

So, what are these quizzes about? Here’s an example: Prince Andrew was in the news in November 2019, and he is the topic of our first quiz. But it’s not about his behaviour – no. Instead the quiz will test your knowledge of the Prince’s life, from his birth, through his career, up until the day the quiz was written. Much has changed since then which makes the quizzes all the more interesting. Hindsight is a wonderful thing they say – so let’s see how it has changed our perspective of the past.

Quiz Title Options
Prince Andrew Prince Andrew Quiz Play
Star Wars | Darth Vader and Stormtroopers Star Wars Quiz Play
Elon Musk Elon Musk Quiz Play
British Prime Ministers | Houses of Parliament British Prime Ministers Quiz Play
The end of the world is nigh End of the World Predictions Quiz Play
Famous Resignations Quiz Illustration | Boiled eggs Famous Resignations Quiz Play
Slang Quiz Illustration | Mystery bag Historical and Modern Slang Quiz Play
Children who have changed the world quiz | Child protester Children Who Have Changed The World Quiz Play
BAFTA Award Winners Quiz | Popcorn and film BAFTA Award Winners Quiz Play
Extreme Weather Quiz | Raining Frogs Extreme Weather Quiz Play
Pancake Day Quiz Illustration | Pancake tossing Pancake Day Quiz Play
World Wildlife Day Quiz Illustration | Wolf World Wildlife Day Quiz Play
Video Games Quiz Illustration | Arcade Video Games Quiz Play
Saint Patrick's Day quiz illustration | Happy St Patricks Day St. Patrick's Day Quiz Play
Father's Day Quiz Father's Day Quiz Play
COVID-19 Virus COVID-19 Quiz Play

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