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Saint Patrick's Day quiz illustration | Happy St Patricks Day
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day Quiz

March the 17th is Saint Patrick’s Day, the day when we celebrate the life of Ireland’s national saint, and all things Irish. To mark the occasion and join in the fun, we’ve written this quiz with questions on the life of Patrick himself, along with some light-hearted Irish myths, legends and folklore.

Patrick is remembered for converting the pagan Irish to the new faith of Christianity. But did you know he was also an author? Amazingly we have his autobiography and a letter he wrote condemning the British for their mistreatment of the Irish.

And now it’s time for the quiz. Have a go and see whether you have the luck of the Irish! See if you can score full marks with your knowledge of Saint Patrick and of Ireland.

What nationality was St. Patrick?
Despite his Irish connections, St. Patrick was born in Great Britain. We don’t know exactly whereabouts – some say Scotland, others Wales and some say England
What terrible event happened to St. Patrick when he was 16 years old?
He was murdered
He was kidnapped
He was orphaned
He was robbed
He was living in Britain at the time, when he was kidnapped by pirates and taken to Ireland as a slave. He escaped after six years, but later returned to convert the Irish to the Christian faith
What was it that legend says St. Patrick banished from Ireland?
The myth states that Patrick chased all the serpents in Ireland into the sea after they attacked him whilst he was fasting. There are no snakes in Ireland, though this is more likely due to the fact that it is an isolated island – there have not been any snakes there since before the last Ice Age
The colour green is associated with St. Patrick's Day. Wearing it is said to help you to avoid what?
Bad luck
Being kissed
Being pinched
According to legend, if you wear green on St. Patrick's Day, you will be invisible to leprechauns. Apparently, they like to pinch people as soon as they see them, so wearing green helps you avoid this
If you can catch a leprechaun, what will he give you in exchange for his release?
Three wishes
A pot of gold
A pair of magic shoes
One year of good luck
There are many myths about leprechauns. They are supposedly little folk who take the guise of old men. They love to create mischief and are said to like making shoes too. They also have stores of gold coins which they keep in pots at the ends of rainbows. They will give you three wishes in exchange for their release, though how anybody has ever managed to catch one is unknown!
Why is St. Patrick's Day celebrated on the 17th of March?
It was the day he was born
It was the day he baptised the Irish king
It was the day he died
It was the day he banished the serpents from Ireland
March 17th is the traditional date of the saint’s death, but nobody really knows the exact day or year in which he died
Patrick is thought to have died in the year 461. Where were his remains buried?
He died in the town of Saul and is said to have been buried in the nearby town of Downpatrick, County Down. The town gets its name from its connection to the saint
In which city was the world’s first recorded St. Patrick’s Day celebration?
Dublin, Ireland
St. Augustine, Florida
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Boston, Massachusetts
A strange place, considering Florida belonged to the Spanish at that time (1601). Apparently, the celebration was organised by an Irish vicar, Ricardo Artur
In Chicago, St. Patrick's Day is celebrated by turning what green?
The sky
The buildings
The river
Everybody’s hair
The St. Patrick’s Day parade in Chicago begins with a boat travelling down the Chicago River, releasing dye as it goes. Thousands of people watch on from the riverbanks as the river turns green before the celebrations start in earnest
The Blarney Stone supposedly has magical powers. What gift will you get if you kiss it?
Good health
Good luck
The Blarney Stone sits on the top floor of Blarney Castle near Cork. Legend has it that if you kiss the stone, from thenceforth you’ll have an excellent skill with words, be able to fool people with flattery, and convince them of almost anything!
Author:  Graeme Haw

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