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Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew served as Britain's Special Representative for International Trade and Investment.

Prince Andrew Quiz

Prince Andrew has been in the news recently – for all the wrong reasons! On November 20th 2019, he suspended his public duties following the negative reaction to his interview on Newsnight. The interview focused on Prince Andrew’s links to the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who committed suicide in August the same year, while in prison awaiting trial.

Quite a serious topic to write a quiz about! But fear not – Education Quizzes would not sink to such levels. No – this quiz is about the whole of Andrew’s life, his family, his career and his charity work. Do you know which of the armed forces he served with, or his position in the line of succession? If so, then this quiz is for you!

Okay then, if you are ready it's time to test your knowledge of the third child and second son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. It’s a life of some controversy, but also of heroism, philanthropy and business. So, let’s not rush to judge a man who has not been found guilty of any crime.

When he was born in 1960, Andrew was second in line to the throne. Today he is …?
Sixth in line
Seventh in line
Eighth in line
Ninth in line
As the next eldest boy after Prince Charles, Andrew was his heir. However, the births of William and Harry, together with their children George, Charlotte, Louis and Archie, mean that he is now the eighth in line
The Queen gave birth to Andrew while she was monarch. Who was the last queen to give birth during their reign?
Queen Elizabeth I
Queen Mary II
Queen Anne
Queen Victoria
In 1857 Victoria gave birth to her youngest child, Beatrice. Coincidentally (or deliberately?), Andrew’s eldest child is also called Beatrice
Prince Andrew has three middle names. Which of these is NOT one of them?
His full name is Prince Andrew Albert Christian Edward Mountbatten-Windsor - quite a mouthful!
Andrew is named after his paternal grandfather, who was also called Prince Andrew. He was a prince in two countries, but which ones?
The UK and Greece
Greece and Denmark
Denmark and Belgium
Belgium and the UK
Prince Andrew of the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg, was the father of Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, who became Duke of Edinburgh when he married the Queen
After leaving school, Prince Andrew joined the Royal Navy in 1979. He saw active service in which conflict?
The Gulf War
The Bosnian War
The Falklands War
The Kosovo War
He served as a helicopter co-pilot attached to HMS Invincible and flew on many missions. By the end of his naval career, Andrew had reached the rank of Commander and is now an honorary Vice-Admiral
In 1981 Prince Andrew became romantically linked to which film star?
Jodie Foster
Koo Stark
Carrie Fisher
Goldie Hawn
Apparently, the Queen was "much taken with the elegant, intelligent and discreet Koo" but the couple broke up in 1983 after problems with the press and paparazzi
Prince Andrew was married in 1986 to a friend he met at polo matches. What was his wife’s name?
Lady Diana Spencer
Katharine Worsley
Sophie Rhys-Jones
Sarah Ferguson
Before her marriage Sarah was a commoner, though she is descended from Charles II’s illegitimate children
Andrew was awarded which noble title?
The Prince of Wales
The Duke of Cornwall
The Duke of York
The Earl of Wessex
The title is traditionally given to the second son of a monarch. The last Duke of York before Andrew was the Queen’s father, who later went on to become King George VI
From 2001 until 2011 Prince Andrew was Britain's Special Representative for what?
International Trade and Investment
Climate Change
Business and Development
Foreign Aid
The job involved representing and promoting the UK at trade fairs and conferences around the world. He was very good at it and was described as, "particularly passionate when dealing with young start-up entrepreneurs and bringing them together with successful businesses at networking and showcasing events. Andrew is direct and to the point, and his methods seem to work."
Andrew's election to which body in 2013 led to complaints by scientists?
The Royal Academy for Science and the Arts
The Royal Society for Improving Natural Knowledge
Royal Meteorological Society
The Royal Astronomical Society
The only option on the ballot paper was “Yes” which angered many of the society’s members. The Prince was elected as a member even though 89% abstained and only 11% voted “Yes”
Author:  Graeme Haw

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