Making An Algorithm - 1
Buying candies doesn't get you to school!

Making An Algorithm - 1

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Many things could be made into algorithms, for example, recipes or journeys. An algorithm is a list. It lists the steps you need to take to carry out a plan. It has to be in the correct order. Your daily trip to school is another good example. In this quiz you will help write an algorithm. It has 10 steps. It is an algorithm about a journey to school. Each question in the quiz asks you to choose the next thing to write down in the algorithm.

Sam and his Mom walk to school. What is the first step in the algorithm?
Arrive at school
Walk down the street
Cross the road
Leave the house
Getting ready for school in a morning could be another algorithm
Sam says, “If it is wet I put up my hood. I talk to my Mum. We walk down our street. Mom laughs at my jokes.”

What is the next step in the algorithm for getting to school?
See if it is raining
Tell jokes
Walk down the street
Tell funny jokes
This algorithm isn’t about jokes or the weather!
Sam says, “At the end of our street we turn left into Lincoln Road. Lincoln Road is very long. It goes all the way into the town center. That’s where the shops are.”

What is the next step in the algorithm for getting to school?
Turn left at the end of the street
Go to the shops
Go all the way to the town center
See how long Lincoln Road is
Don’t forget what the algorithm is about - getting to school
Sam says, “We pass the Methodist church on our left. Then we cross the road at the crosswalk.”

What is the next step in the algorithm?
Turn left into the Methodist church
Go as far as the Methodist church
Go into the Methodist church
Go as far as the crosswalk and cross the road
What color are crosswalks painted?
Sam says, “After the crosswalk, we carry on walking along Lincoln Road. Some days my friend Luke and his Mom catch up with us.”

Which one of these will you write down next in your algorithm?
Keep walking along the same road
Meet Luke and his Mum
Meet Luke
Meet Luke’s Mum
Luke and his Mom are not there at the same time every day
Sam and his Mom then get to the highway. They cross the road. Sam presses the button and waits for the green man to light up before they cross the road.

What is the next step in the algorithm?
Walk along the highway
Cross the highway
Turn back at the highway
Go back home
What does a red man mean at a crossing?
Sam says, “We get to the corner of Lincoln Road and Chester Grove. We turn right into Chester Grove. There is a shop on the corner. It sells candies and drinks. On Fridays, Mom lets me buy some candies at the shop.”

What will you write down next?
Go into the shop on Mondays
Go to the corner with Chester Grove and turn right
Buy some candies
See how many candies you get
Buying candies doesn’t get you to school!
The school is further along Chester Grove. It is on the right. What is the next step in the algorithm?
Walk into school
Turn right into school
Go to the classroom
Walk along Chester Grove as far as the school
Sam and his Mom haven’t got to the school quite yet
The school is on Chester Grove. It is on the right. Sam and his Mom have reached the school gates. What now is the next step in the algorithm?
Go back home
Go to the classroom
Turn right into the school
Turn left into the school
Sam and his Mom have arrived at school
What is the final step in this algorithm?
Go through the doors into the school
Go back home
Walk along the street
Cross the road
Can you write an algorithm for Sam and his Mom walking back from school to their home in the afternoon?
Author:  David Bland

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