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How well do you know the rules when in a group discussion?

Grade 4 Speaking / Listening - Discussion Rules

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Rules are needed for classroom discussions. Whenever a discussion is taking place, students will need to follow these rules in order for the goals of the discussion to get accomplished. If members of the group are being disruptive or rude, then that can bring negativity to a discussion. Others may not want to participate and the goals will not be met. In this quiz, students will answer questions about the rules of a classroom discussion.

How can you make use of what others are saying?
Praise them for their comments
Clap after they speak
Think of another topic
Respond to what they are saying
After listening to what others are saying, build on what they have said
Which person should be allowed to say something even if it wasn't his or her turn?
The presenter if they want to say something important
The leader if they want to argue with another member's response
The recorder if they did not hear what a member said and asks to repeat it
The materials manager if they want to get more materials now
If anyone can't hear what was just said, they can ask for the person to repeat it
Beverly is saying something related to the topic that you didn't know. What should you do while she is speaking?
Take notes
Think of some follow-up questions to ask Beverly
Listen very carefully
Think of how you are going to respond to her comments
You should always listen carefully while another member is speaking
You are in a group of four people for a small class discussion. You make a comment. Then another person says something. When should you make another comment?
Wait until someone points to you
After another person speaks
Wait until the end of the discussion
It is customary to allow two people to speak after you have spoken before you speak again
You came prepared for a class discussion by taking notes. You have written down some solutions to a problem that was presented the day before and is now being discussed. After listening to others, you think that your solutions may not resolve the problem. What do you do?
Ask others to share the solutions they wrote down
Remain silent since your solutions that you wrote down won't work
Tell the group the solutions you wrote down
Think of a different solution
After preparing, your original ideas wouldn't work so you can always think of other solutions
In your group discussion, Mary makes a comment. The others in your group agree with what Mary says, but you do not. How should you respond to Mary's comment?
Agree with the others by nodding your head
When it is your turn to speak, speak honestly
Remain silent
Say you agree with them, but then also tell them your opinion
Your comments should always be truthful
Even though each person in the group has a task to do, what else should each person be doing during the discussion?
Taking notes
Contributing their ideas
Summarizing what everyone is saying
Keeping track of time
Everyone should be contributing ideas to the group no matter what their assigned role is
Not all assigned roles have tasks that have to be performed during the discussion. Which role below must fulfill part of a role during the classroom discussion?
The timekeeper must keep time for each task during a discussion
As the recorder for the group, you jot down the main points that people are stating during the discussion. What should you do with the information you wrote down near the end of the discussion?
Read what you wrote to the entire class
State what you wrote down and then give the information to the presenter
Put the paper in your notebook
Have each person read what you wrote down and then give the information to the facilitator
At the end of the discussion, you should reread to the group what you wrote down during the discussion. You may want to ask if there is anything else anyone wants to add or take away. Then give the paper to the presenter
In a group discussion, you want to say something. What must you do first?
Let the leader speak first
Write down what you want to say
Be silent
Before you speak in a discussion, you should first think about what you are going to contribute
Author:  Amy Flanders

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