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The Peasants' Revolt
Two weeks holiday a year guaranteed was not a feature of the Statute of Labourers.

The Peasants' Revolt

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The Peasants' Revolt is also known as Wat Tyler's Rebellion. It was not only the most extreme and widespread insurrection in English history but also the best-documented popular rebellion ever to have occurred during medieval times.

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The Peasants' Revolt took place in which year?
Which law of 1351 had already made people angry?
The Edict of Peasants
The Law of Landowners' Rights
The Statute of Labourers
The Workers' Charter
Introduced by King Edward III
Which was not a feature of the Statute of Labourers?
A limit on wages
Peasant laborers could not be set free from landowners
Peasants could not look for better work in other villages
Two weeks holiday a year guaranteed
Who was the main leader of the Peasants' Revolt?
Sam Tyler
Tom Wyler
Wat Tyler
Will Taylor
The rebels came from which two counties?
Hampshire and Dorset
Kent and Essex
Middlesex and Surrey
Norfolk and Suffolk
Who was King of England at the time of the Revolt?
Edward II
Henry IV
Richard II
Richard III
He was only 14 at the time!
Which of these was not a cause of the unrest?
Religious discontent as the Church had too much money
Selling off farmland to foreign countries
At the time of the Revolt, England was at war with which country?
The Hundred Years War, 1337-1453 (It lasted more than 100 yrs!)
Which tax was the most immediate cause of the uprising?
Income tax
Land tax
Poll tax
Window tax
It was very unfair as rich and poor had to pay the same
Who lead the peasants alongside Wat Tyler?
Jack Bell
James Beal
Joe Bull
John Ball
Author:  Jan Crompton

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