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(Focussed revision for year 10 and year 11)

These interesting and varied GCSE English quizzes contain the inevitable sections on grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Interspersed with this “Essential English” learning you will find fascinating sections on different writing styles, language variation, literary terms and paraphrasing.

The poetry quizzes are a real joy and we hope you will share the love of the English language that our English teacher is so passionate about.

Title Date Played Previous
Audience and Purpose Play
Grammar 01 Play
Literary Terms 01 Play
Mood Play
Bias Play
Character Play
Constructing an Argument Play
Constructing an Essay Play
Dramatic Techniques Play
Emotive Language Play
Grammar 02 Play
Grammar 03 Play
How Writers Achieve Effects Play
Imagery Play
Language Change Play
Language Variation Play
Literary Techniques Play
Literary Terms 02 Play
Metaphors Play
Non-fiction Play
Paragraphing Play
Paraphrasing Play
Personification Play
Plot Play
Poetic Techniques Play
Poetry - Because I could not stop for death Play
Poetry - Daddy Play
Poetry - Do not go gentle into that good night Play
Poetry - Hawk Roosting Play
Poetry - My Heart is Like a Withered Nut Play
Poetry - My Last Duchess Play
Poetry - My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun Play
Poetry - Sadie and Maud Play
Poetry - The Interrogation Play
Poetry - You will be hearing from us shortly Play
Presentational Devices Play
Punctuation 01 Play
Punctuation 02 Play
Punctuation 03 Play
Register and Audience Play
Relative Pronouns Play
Setting Play
Similes Play
Speech Techniques Play
Spelling 01 Play
Spelling 02 Play
Spelling 03 Play
Spoken Language Play
Standard English Play
Theme Play
Using Evidence from the Text Play
Writing a Conclusion Play
Writing a Letter Play
Writing a Review Play
Writing about Literature Play
Writing an Introduction Play
Writing Descriptively Play
Writing Narrative Play
Writing Persuasively Play
Writing to Advise Play
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