Web Publishing 03
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Web Publishing 03

Try our third KS3 ICT quiz on web publishing. Websites are written using HTML. Web pages and websites can be static (always show the same information to every visitor), or can be programmed to be dynamic (pages that automatically change content or visual appearance depending on a variety of factors and who is visiting). Dynamic pages are written using other types of computer language but these all generate HTML. The web browser on a computer converts the HTML into what you see as a web page.

The speed at which a browser can convert the HTML code into a web page is important. It is said that if a web page does not load within 8 seconds, the visitor is likely to go to a different one. Loading speed depends on the speed of the internet connection (bandwidth) and the web page itself.

Pages using large, high quality images, rollovers, social media feeds etc will be slower than a page of text. Web designers optimise images to speed up how quickly they load. They reduce size and quality to the lowest possible level for a good result. On pages needing many images, they use thumbnails. These are much smaller and lower in quality than the original, often linked to the full-size image by a hyperlink.

Animated gifs consist of a series of images called .......
The image in each frame is slightly different to the one before it
Web browsers change HTML into .......
requests for web pages
visual displays
Writing HTML is referred to as coding a web page
What is an 'animated gif'?
A group of gif images that appear to move
A moving mouse cursor
A small audio file
An excited image
The animated gif is put together in a graphics editor and it is effectively a mini-film
What is a 'thumbnail'?
Small audio file inserted into a web page
Small low quality image linking to larger high quality one
Small video file which provides animations on a page
Thing at the end of your thumb
You use image editing software to make a small lower quality copy of the larger image
What is HTML?
A designer label
A form of programming language
A form of torture
A type of disease
A computer can only 'read' HTML by using browser software which decodes the HTML
Why are thumbnails used on a page?
So that space on a page isn't wasted on images
To improve page loading times
To improve the look of the page
To speed up the page design software
A thumbnail image can load in a fraction of the time taken to load larger images but as internet connection speeds get faster, this is less of a problem
Most web browsers support 'rollover' graphics which .......
are a form of animated gif
change when a mouse pointer moves over them
change when they are clicked on
indicate where on a page a video will play
These are usually used as 'buttons' to indicate that if you click on the graphic, something will happen
What is meant by the term 'intranet'?
It is a private computer network
It is a private computer network linked to the internet
It is a small part of the internet
It is the old term for the internet
Many businesses have an intranet so that employees can access a wide variety of data kept on the company computers
What is a web server?
A computer monitor
A computer that delivers web pages when requested
A computer that makes requests for web pages
A web authoring program
Websites are one of the things stored on servers
Which of these is not a web browser?
Internet Explorer
Browsers come and go but this isn't one of them - yet!
You can find more about this topic by visiting BBC Bitesize - Internet communication

Author:  Duncan Daish

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