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PSHE Quiz Illustration | Ethical Spending
Check the label to see if shampoo was tested on animals.

Ethical Spending Decisions - Age 7-11

As children become older they will find that they have money to spend. It is important they realise the way they spend their money can have consequences – some good, some bad. In this PSHE Economics quiz, written specifically for students in years 3, 4, 5 and 6, we look at some of the choices they can make to spend their money ethically.

When it comes to spending money you may think that all that matters is value – how much of something you can get for the cheapest price. But there is more to it than that. The things we buy may cause harm to others or to the environment, or they can help others. But which is which?

This quiz will show you some of the ways we can use our money to be kind. That might cost us more but we can sleep soundly knowing that we have caused no harm to people, to animals, or to the environment.

If you care for animals and do not want them to suffer, which type of egg is your best buy?
Free range
Barn reared
Many believe that free range eggs are the most animal friendly. Sadly not. Many chickens have their beaks clipped to avoid them pecking one another when brought into crowded barns for the night. Organic eggs come from chickens kept in less crowded conditions and without trimmed beaks.
Barn reared eggs come from birds who may never have seen the light of day. Eggs from caged birds are now illegal
Some cheap clothes are made by people on very low wages, working very long hours in very harsh conditions. What are the factories that make these clothes known as?
Even some very big brands use sweatshops to make their products. It can be almost impossible to tell where they were made but generally, cheaper clothes are more likely to be sweatshop ones
If you wanted to buy a car which of these would be the most environmentally friendly option?
A diesel car
A hybrid car
A petrol car
An electric car
Petrol and diesel are both fossil fuels and so bad for the environment. Hybrid cars are better as they use less fuel but electric cars need none at all so they are the most environmentally friendly
If you had an old book you no longer wanted but was still in good condition, what would be the kindest way to get rid of it?
Sell it on eBay
Give it to a neighbour
Give it to a charity shop
Throw it in the bin
Throwing it away would be a waste. Selling it on eBay would make you some money but it is not particularly kind. Giving it to a neighbour would be kind but giving it to charity would be kinder as more people would benefit
Which of these diets is best for the environment?
An omnivorous diet (meat and fish allowed)
A pescatarian diet (no meat)
A vegetarian diet (no meat or fish)
A vegan diet (no animal products)
Feeding and housing animals to be used as food takes up land which could be better used feeding people. And farm animals produce greenhouse gasses. Rainforests are often chopped down to make way for farm animals. And ocean life is threatened by overfishing. A vegan diet is the most environmentally friendly by far
If you want to buy some shampoo, how would you know which one has not been tested on animals?
All of them are tested on animals
Check the label
Ask the shop assistant
None of them are tested on animals
Sadly, many cleaning and beauty products are still tested on animals even in this day and age. Ones which have not should say so on their labels. Look out for a picture of a rabbit with the slogan “cruelty free” or “not tested on animals”
You want to buy some chocolate. Which of these would be the most ethical and wise purchase?
One with no logo costing 50p
One with no logo costing 75p
One with a “Fair Trade” logo costing £1
One with a “Fair Trade” logo costing £2
“Ethical” means avoiding things that do harm to people or the environment. Fair Trade products treat the producers ethically. That can make them more expensive but they are less harmful.
As for wise, that’s all about getting the most from your money, so the cheapest ethical chocolate would be the most ethical and wise purchase
If you had some spare money you didn’t need, which of these would be the kindest way to spend it?
Give it to your friend
Buy something nice for yourself
Buy something from a charity shop
Give it to a charity
Charities make money for good causes out of donations from kind members of the public. The things you buy from charity shops do help the charities, but the things you give them to sell or the money you donate to them are kinder still as they help the charities more
If you wanted to buy food that has not travelled around the globe, which of these symbols should you look for on the packet?
A red tractor
A leaf
A frog
A fair trade logo
The red tractor shows that the product was produced in the UK so you know that its carbon footprint will not be so large
If the environment is more important to you than money, which of these would be the best buy?
A drink in a reusable cup
A drink in a recyclable container
A drink in a plastic cup
A drink in a non-recyclable container
Recycling is good – but reusing is better. Disposable things waste resources, recyclable ones use resources but reusable ones just have to be washed then they can be used again
Author:  Graeme Haw

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