Travel Bingo
Billboard is just one of the words you'll learn in Spanish when you take this quiz.

Travel Bingo

In this Spanish Difficult Review picture quiz you will get the chance to play a game of travel bingo! 'Are we there yet?' 'How much longer?' 'I’m bored.' 'I have to go to the bathroom.' 'Are we there yet?' This is a typical round of questions and statements that is heard by parents the world over when going on a car ride or trip with children in the back seat. It all seems fine the first half dozen times but after that, it gets to be very, very annoying. Unhappy parents make for an unhappy trip and the way to make and keep the parents happy is to keep the children entertained.

Nowadays we have computers, tablets and cellphones that make the task of keeping children entertained on along car rides a rather easy chore but just a decade ago, or a little longer, a lot of thought and preparation had to take place before venturing forth on a long car trip. Well they were at least very long to young children!

Parents prepared using a few different methods such as bringing coloring books or reading books but those only lasted for a short period of time. The next strategy employed was playing the game of 'I Spy'. Here a parent would say something like, 'I spy something red.' The children would then have to look around for anything red and see if they could find the right red thing that the parent (or one of the other children) had spied. This game lasted a little longer but it generally required the parent to participate which was fine for the first half hour or so but once the parent gave up, the children resumed their incessant, 'Are we there yet?' routine.

Parents had to come up with something that would entertain the children for hours and with that thought the Travel Bingo (also called Car Bingo) game was just the thing that they needed. Here the parents would create bingo game charts similar to the numbers bingo cards only, instead of numbers, they would put pictures and/or words of objects the children would need to find along the way on their trip. Once a child found the object on their Travel Bingo card they would cross it off. The first person to get all the listed object in a row called out Bingo and won a prize, something like a bag of chips or a candy bar. The first person to completely fill up their entire bingo card got a night to stay up later on a school night or they won a dollar or something like that. When that game was over they each got a new Travel Bingo card.

This tradition really caught on and soon game companies were printing up cards so that parents no longer had to if they chose not to. The car rides became pleasant for moms and dads as the children concentrated on finding objects along the way to cross off of their list and the game seemed to keep them entertained for hours. That was the best part! Now that you have taken Spanish lessons and quizzes, you can play Travel Bingo or Car Bingo using your Spanish vocabulary words. Therefore, be sure to look at each of the quiz pictures and then see if you can quickly find the Spanish word for what is on your card.

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This hill is covered in what kind of tree?
The first answer means fir. The second answer means apple. The third answer means orange and the last answer means cherry. The trees you see on the hill are fir trees.
What would you put in these cans?
The first answer means lunch. The second answer means milk. The third answer means trash and the last answer means summer. The picture shows you trash cans so you would put trash into them.
These are large signs that show advertisements. What are they called?
The first answer means billboards. The second answer means notes. The third answer means notebooks and the last answer means flashlights. Large signs that show advertisements are called billboards.
The engine of a train is also called a what?
cajón de arena
The first answer means flat. The second answer means locomotive. The third answer means sandbox and the last answer means engineer. The engine of a train is also called a locomotive.
This spans over a body of water. What is it called?
The first answer means tunnel. The second answer means cave. The third answer means ladder and the last answer means bridge. The object that spans over a body of water is called a bridge.
This is what you keep money and IDs in. What is it?
The first answer means wallet. The second answer means fence. The third answer means dresser and the last answer means hut. A person keeps their money and ID in a wallet.
Benjamin Franklin flew one of these and found electricity. What did he fly?
The first answer means airplane. The second answer means kite. The third answer means helicopter and the last answer means barrel. Neither an airplane nor a helicopter existed during Benjamin Franklin’s time. He did, however, fly a kite.
Be careful to not let one of these spray you. What is it?
The first answer means fox. The second answer means wolf. The third answer means skunk and the last answer means goat. This picture is clearly showing you a skunk and you would not want a skunk to spray you.
Businesses use these to get you to come in. What are they?
The first answer means teapots. The second answer means brooms. The third answer means scenes and the last answer means signs. Businesses use signs to get you to come in.
A piece of land that is surrounded by water is called what?
The first answer means sand. The second answer means island. The third answer means hay and the last answer means city. A piece of land that is surrounded by water is called an island.
Author:  Christine G. Broome

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