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Vocabulary - A Smorgasbord of Words (Part 2)
The Basilica of Saint Peter is a famous monument in the Vatican. In this quiz you'll learn its name in Spanish.

Vocabulary - A Smorgasbord of Words (Part 2)

This Spanish Difficult Review quiz is the second of four quizzes designed to randomly test your memory on Spanish vocabulary. It continues on with the same process that was used in the Spanish Difficult Review quiz titled Vocabulary: A Smorgasbord of Words! (Part 1). If you have not already taken that quiz please do so now as its introduction will explain the process and the quiz section will help you to understand what the quizzes in this series are all about.

Again, as you are dealing with a smorgasbord of words, each quiz problem below can be about something totally related or unrelated to the other quiz problems. The entire purpose of this series of smorgasbord quizzes is to help you to think about all of the Spanish words you have learned to date. They will also help you when it comes time to start doing the writing quizzes. You have an extremely large bank of Spanish vocabulary so it is time to put that bank of words to use. What that means is that it is time to jump in and see just how well you can remember Spanish!

The pharmacist told me to use more SOYBEAN.
habas verdes
semilla de soja
The first answer means string beans. The third answer means okra. The last answer means squash while the second answer means soybean.
Which of the following is not a country?
The first answer means Belarus. The second answer means Greenland. The last answer means Cyprus. Each of these is a country. However, the third answer means Mississippi and it is a state in the United States of America. It is not a country.
Do you know what a ROADRUNNER is?
pavo real
The Spanish word for roadrunner is correcaminos. Note that in Spanish this word is generally always used in its plural form. The second answer means finch. The third answer means peacock and the last answer means robin.
Which of the following words means PARTY in Spanish?
The first answer means bullfighter. The second answer means nap. The third answer means blanket and the last answer means party.
Which of these would not be naturally found in the desert.
The first answer means sheikh. The second answer means pickle. The third answer means mirage and the last answer means scorpion. A sheik, a mirage and a scorpion would all be naturally found in the desert. A pickle would not be naturally found there.
Mi primo es un cirujano.
My cousin is a surgeon.
My cousin is in Cuba.
My cousin is a Cajun.
My cousin is in the circus.
Each answer has correctly translated: My cousin is. The remaining Spanish words of un cirujano mean a surgeon. The full given sentence reads: My cousin is a surgeon.
I am visiting the Basílica de San Pedro so where am I?
San Antonio, Texas
Sidney, Australia
Paris, France
Vatican City
The 'Basílica de San Pedro' is the 'Basilica of Saint Peter' and it is located in Vatican City.
Can you point me in the direction of the RESTROOMS?
barras de los monos
servicios aseos
cajónes de arena
The first answer means carousel. The second answer means monkey bars. The last answer means sandboxes and the third answer means restrooms (or toilets services).
Para ser reverente es estar tranquilo.
In order to be revered you are trustworthy.
To be reverent is to be quiet.
In order for it to be peaceful it must be quiet.
For it to be reverent you are to pray.
The proper translation of the given sentence reads: To be reverent is to be quiet.
A bride and groom go on this right after their wedding events are over.
luna de miel
Right after all of the wedding events are over, the bride and groom go on a honeymoon. The first answer means tissue. The second answer means garter. The third answer means ring. The Spanish words for honeymoon are luna de miel.
Author:  Christine G. Broome

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