Math - Counting in the Hundreds (Quiz 2)
Can you count up to 999 in Spanish? Test yourself in this Spanish math quiz.

Math - Counting in the Hundreds (Quiz 2)

In this Spanish Medium Review quiz you will be reviewing how to count in the upper hundreds. As you can see, this quiz is the sister quiz to the Spanish Medium Review quiz titled Counting in the Hundreds (Quiz 1). In Quiz 1 you learned how to count from 101 to 499. You also learned that once you start to count at 101, the Spanish word for 100, i.e., cien, changes to ciento.

In addition to learning that the Spanish number for 100 changes at 101, you learned that two hundred is doscientos, three hundred is trescientos and four hundred is cuatrocientos. To say 105 you would say 'ciento cinco'. You do not say 'ciento y cinco'. The 'y' is not used after ciento and before the numbers 1 through 99. This same pattern continues on throughout each of the hundreds.

Here in Quiz 2 you will be looking at the numbers 500, 600, 700, 800 and 900 (through 999). Those numbers in Spanish are as follows:


500 five hundred quinientos (notice that it is not cincocientos, that is because it adopts the number form from the number 15; also notice that the 'c' in cientos is dropped)
600 six hundred seiscientos
700 seven hundred setecientos (notice that the letter 'i' in siete (7) has been dropped)
800 eight hundred ochocientos
900 nine hundred novecientos (notice that nueve (9) becomes nove)
999 nine hundred ninety-nine novecientos noventa y nueve

As you can see, you have to learn only 5 new vocabulary words. Remember, to each of these hundreds you add the normal numbers 1 through 99. If you need practice, please go back and check out Counting in the Hundreds (Quiz 1) as it will help you to see what is required here. Otherwise, it is now time to start counting in the upper hundreds!

What is the number 738 in Spanish?
setentacientos treinta y ocho
setecientos treinta y ocho
sietecientos treinta y ocho
sesentacientos treinta y ocho
The first and last answers are not correct numbers for 700. In fact, the first answer is saying 70 hundreds and the last answer is saying 60 hundreds. Neither is a valid word in Spanish so they are not correct. The Spanish number for 738 is setecientos treinta y siete. The number 700 is not sietecientos.
What is the number 555 in Spanish?
quinientos cincuenta y cinco
quinicientos sincuenta y cinco
cincocientos cincuenta y cinco
quincientos sincuenta y cinco
The Spanish number for 555 is quinientos cincuenta y cinco. The second and third answers have both misspelled the number for 500, as well as for the number 50. The last answer has written the number 500 incorrectly.
What is the number 693 in Spanish?
seiscientos y noventa y tres
sescientos noventa y tres
seiscientos noventa y tres
seiscientos nueventa y tres
In Spanish, starting with the number 101, the 'y' is no longer used after the number ciento. Therefore, the first answer can be eliminated. The second answer has misspelled the number for 600 and the last answer has misspelled the number for 90 The Spanish number for 693 is seiscientos noventa y tres.
What is ochocientos veinte y uno in English?
Ochocientos veinte y uno is Spanish for the English number 821.
What is setecientos diez y nueve in English?
Setecientos diez y nueve is Spanish for the English number 719.
What is the number 946 in Spanish?
nuevecientos cuarenta y seis
novecientos cuarenta y seis
novecientos cuarenta y sies
novecientos cuartenta y seis
The first answer has misspelled the number for 900. The third answer has misspelled the number for 6 and the last answer has misspelled the number for 40. The number 946 in Spanish is novecientos cuarenta y seis.
What is the number 504 in Spanish?
quinientos cuatro
quincientos cuatro
quinientos cuartro
quinientos cuarto
The second answer has misspelled the number for 500 while the third and last answers have each misspelled the number for 4. The Spanish number for 504 is quinientos cuatro.
What is seiscientos setenta y dos in English?
Seiscientos setenta y dos is Spanish for the English number 672.
What is ochocientos catorce in English?
Ochocientos catorce is Spanish for the English number 814.
What is novecientos ochenta y nueve in English?
Novecientos ochenta y nueve is Spanish for the English number 989.
Author:  Christine G. Broome

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