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Math - Review Counting 0 through 49
Can you count from one to forty-nine in Spanish? If not, this math quiz might help!

Math - Review Counting 0 through 49

In this Spanish Medium Review quiz you will be reviewing the numbers 0 (zero) through 49. As you may recall, you were first introduced to these numbers in the Spanish Easy Review quiz series. Having made it this far you should be very proud of yourself. After all, learning a new language is not an easy task for many but, in the end, it is always a rewarding prize when you accomplish a difficult goal!

Before getting into the numerous new vocabulary words that will come with this Spanish Medium Review series, as well as continued learning of Spanish Grammar, it is always a wise choice to make the decision to take some time to do a mind refresher. In other words, take the time to revisit what has already been learned. Therefore, this quiz is going to have a look back at counting in Spanish and, more specifically, counting from 0 (zero) to 49.

Do you think that you can remember how to count to 49. As the numbers will not be re-presented to you here in this introduction, you might want to take a look back at the Spanish Easy Review quizzes titled Math: Counting 0 to 10, Math: Counting 11 to 20, Math: Counting 21 to 39 and Math: Counting 40 to 59 as they will show you each number, how to spell each number and how to say each number. If, on the other hand, you’ve got a really good memory, then jump right into the quiz below. There are a lot of numbers to be covered. As always, watch for spelling and any accent marks to be able to find the right answer.

Michael just got his learner’s permit because he turned 16 on Saturday. (What is the number 16 in Spanish?)
diez y siete
diez y seis
The Spanish word for 16 is diez y seis. The first answer looks like it could be right but it is missing an accent mark. If you choose to join the words for 16 together, it would be dieciséis. Without the accent mark, the first answer is not correct. The second and third answers are Spanish for 17.
Marion was going to be having 23 guests at her dinner party. (What is the number 23 in Spanish?)
viente y tres
veinte y tres
viente y tris
veinte y tris
The Spanish word for 23 is veinte y tres. The first and third answers have misspelled the word for 20 and tris is not the number 3.
My father just turned 38 years old. (What is the number 38 in Spanish?)
treinta y ochó
veinte y ocho
treinta y ocho
veinte y ochó
The Spanish word for 38 is treinta y ocho. There is no accent mark in the word ocho so the first and last answers are incorrectly spelled.
uno, dos, tres, cuatro, ____ (Which Spanish number comes next?)
Uno, dos, tres, cuatro are Spanish for 1, 2, 3, 4. The number that comes after 4 is 5. The Spanish number for 5 is cinco.
once, veinte y dos, treinta y tres, ____ (Which Spanish number comes next?)
cuarenta y cuatro
cincuenta y cinco
cincuenta y dos
cuarenta y seis
Once, veinte y dos, treinta y tres are the Spanish numbers for 11, 22, 33. As you can see, the numbers are each going up by the number 11, i.e., 11 + 11 = 22 and 22 + 11 = 33. So continuing on you will have 33 + 11 = 44. The number 44 in Spanish is cuarenta y cuatro.
A baker’s dozen is 13. (What is the number 13 in Spanish?)
diez y tres
The Spanish word for 13 is trece. It is not said as diez y tres.
Christmas is on December 25. (What is the number 25 in Spanish?)
cincuenta y cinco
veinte y cinco
diez y cinco
treinta y cinco
The Spanish word for 25 is veinte y cinco.
He did not eat for 40 days. (What is the Spanish number for 40?)
The Spanish word for 40 is “cuarenta”. The first answer has misspelled this word so it is not correct.
Do toddlers really become terrible when they turn 2? (What is the Spanish number for 2?)
The Spanish word for 2 is dos.
I was told that I have a zero percent chance of winning the lottery. (What is the Spanish word for zero”?)
The Spanish word for zero is cero.
Author:  Christine G. Broome

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