Grade 1 Writing - Digital Tools
Before you publish a story, you must first write one!

Grade 1 Writing - Digital Tools

This English Language quiz is called 'Digital Tools' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is a fun way to learn if you are in the 1st or 2nd grade - aged 6 to 8.

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Publishing should not be overlooked when students complete a writing assignment. Publishing tools come in many different forms. Some of these include publishing the work on a blog, posting it on the wall of a classroom and publishing it in a book. Students love to see their work displayed. In the quiz, students learn where their work can be published and who might see their work.

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Where could you post your story on a computer?
Give it to a friend.
On the classroom wall.
In a book.
On a blog.
Blogs are online and computers are needed to post a story on a blog.
Where could you post your story on a computer?
Put it on a wall in the classroom.
Read it to the class.
Put it in a book.
Facebook is a digital tool that can be used for posting stories.
You want to post a story. You want to post it on the internet. What do you need?
A computer.
A pencil.
A pen.
A computer is needed for the internet.
You want to post a story on the internet. Who should help you?
A student.
An adult.
Your friend.
Your little sister.
An adult, whether it be a teacher or parent, should help students post their work online on a safe site.
Your friend wants to help you. She wants to write a story with you. How can your friend help?
Both write the story.
You write the story alone.
Your friend writes the story alone.
The best student writes the story.
Both students should contribute to the writing.
Look at the picture. What does the envelope mean?
A book.
An iPad.
An email.
A wall.
This represents an email.
Look at the picture. What are they using?
A tablet.
A book.
A cell phone.
This is a digital tablet that students can use to post their stories on.
You put a story on your blog. Who can read your story?
All people.
Students in your class only.
Friends only.
Your teacher only.
When you publish something on a blog, everyone can read it.
Why do you post your stories on the internet?
Students can only see them on the internet.
Books are not good.
They cost money.
They are easy to see.
When you post your stories on the internet, that makes it easy for people to see them.
You are at school. Your teacher wants you to write a story. She wants you to write with a group. Who can help you?
Your teachers.
Your parents.
Your friends.
Your sisters.
When a student is at school and he or she is working in a group, friends are the people who work together.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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