Grade 2 Reading Literature - Character Reactions
Read the story carefully before answering the questions.

Grade 2 Reading Literature - Character Reactions

This English Language quiz is called 'Character Reactions' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is a fun way to learn if you are in the 1st or 2nd grade - aged 6 to 8.

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Reading comprehension is more than just pronouncing words. Students must be able to recognize the major events in the story. Also, the students should determine how the characters connect to these major events. The characters are presented with challenges. In the quiz, the students will practice answering questions about a story's characters, major events and challenges.

Story - No Homework

Steve gets on the bus. He sits next to his best friend. Tim looks at Steve. The bus pulls away from the curb. It heads down the road.

“Did you do your math homework?” Tim asks Steve.

“Oh No! I forgot to do it.” Steve says. He looks scared.

“It is okay. It is not for a grade.” Dale says. Dale is sitting behind Tim and Steve. He heard what Steve and Tim were talking about.

“I know. I can’t make a bad grade on the next test. Ms. Peterson will then call my mom.” Steve says. “She will tell my mom that I didn’t do my math homework.”

“Maybe you can do the homework before math class,” Matt says. “We have ten minutes before the class begins.” Matt is sitting next to Dale. Steve thinks until they get to school.

All of the kids get off the bus and go into school. Steve reads a poster on the wall. There will be a meeting this morning. He won’t have math class. Steve is happy.

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Who forgot his math homework?
Steve is the student who is scared because he forgot his math homework.
What does Dale say about the math homework?
There is a meeting this morning.
It is not for a grade.
The teacher will call his mom.
He will make a bad grade.
Dale reassures Steve that the math homework is not for a grade.
Dale says something about the math homework to Steve.
How does Steve feel?
Still scared.
Steve is still scared even though the homework is not for a grade because he can't make a bad grade on the next math test.
Who is Ms. Peterson?
Dale's friend.
The bus driver.
Steve's mom.
The math teacher.
Ms. Peterson is the math teacher who assigned the math homework.
What does Matt say to Steve?
Ms. Peterson will call his mom.
Steve can do the math before class.
Look, there is a poster on the wall.
Did you do your homework?
Matt offers a suggestion that Steve could do the math homework before class starts.
Who first asks about the math homework?
When Steve gets on the bus, Tim asks Steve if he did his math homework.
Matt says something to Steve.
What does Steve do after that?
Steve cries.
Steve does his math homework.
Steve talks to his friends.
Steve thinks.
After Matt speaks to Steve with his suggestion, Steve thinks the rest of the way to school.
What friends are sitting together on the bus?
Tim sits with Steve. Dale sits next to Matt.
Tim sits with Matt. Dale sits next to Steve.
Dale sits with Tim. Matt sits next to Steve.
Steve sits with Ms. Peterson. Dale sits next to Tim.
Steve sits with Tim. Dale and Matt are seated behind them.
What does Steve see at school?
His math homework.
Ms. Peterson.
A poster about a meeting.
His friends.
Steve sees a poster on the wall at school.
Why is Steve happy at the end of the story?
He made a good grade on the math test.
Steve did his math homework.
Steve found his math homework.
There will be no math class.
A poster on the wall states that there is a meeting, so there will be no math class today.
Author:  Amy Flanders

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