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More Than, Less Than
Are there more red apples than green ones or are there less?

More Than, Less Than

This Math quiz is called 'More Than, Less Than' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at elementary school. Playing educational quizzes is an enjoyable way to learn if you are in the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade - aged 8 to 11.

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Understanding number values and being able to compare numbers involves using phrases such as 'more than', 'most', 'less than', 'least' 'fewer than', 'equals' and 'is the same as'. It is an important area of math knowledge.

This quiz will help children to become familiar with the terms equal to, more than, less than, fewer, most and least.

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Can you recognize more than, less than or equal to in these questions?

Tom has 4 candies, Harry has 8 candies, Bill has 2 candies.
Who has the most candies?
All three boys
'The most' means the highest or largest value
Which words would make this sentence make sense:
8 is ___ 2
less than
greater than
the same as
the answer
Saying the sentence aloud gives a big clue about which words are missing!
I spend 60p on fruit and 60p on vegetables.
Which of these sentences is true?
I spend more on fruit
The amount I spend on fruit and vegetables is equal
I spend more on vegetables
I spend less on fruit
Notice that the two amounts are exactly the same as each other. They are equal
Which words should be used to complete the sentence:
When I save up, I will have __ money than I do now.
the same
As long as you don't spend any!
Sam has 2 dogs and 5 cats. Ben has 4 fish and 1 hamster. Carl has 2 horses.
Who has the most pets?
All of the boys
Find the total number of pets each boy has by adding them together
White chocolate is 25p. Milk chocolate is 27p. Dark chocolate is 32p.
Which of these sentences is true?
Milk chocolate costs the most
White chocolate is the most expensive
Dark chocolate costs the least
Dark chocolate costs the most
Dark chocolate has the highest value or cost
Fran has 32 marbles. Joe has 28 marbles.
Which of these sentences is true?
Fran has less than Joe
Fran has the same as Joe
Joe has more than Fran
Fran has more than Joe
Fran's number of marbles is highest so she has more
Which words would make this sentence make sense:
3 is ___ 5
less than
greater than
the same as
the answer
Saying the sentence aloud gives a big clue about which words are missing!
Which words are missing:
4 + 5 is ___ 8 + 1
the most
the answer
equal to
less than
'Equal to' means both sides have the same value
Sarah sleeps for 8 hours. Sue sleeps for 9 hours. Cathy sleeps for 7 hours.
Who gets the most sleep?
All three girls
'Most' means a value which is higher or larger than the others
Author:  Angela Smith

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