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Algebra - Getting Started
Ben has x oranges and Jay has three more oranges than Ben.

Algebra - Getting Started

This Math quiz is called 'Algebra - Getting Started' and it has been written by teachers to help you if you are studying the subject at middle school. Playing educational quizzes is a fabulous way to learn if you are in the 6th, 7th or 8th grade - aged 11 to 14.

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Algebra often substitutes letters for numbers. Where we could put a number we put a letter instead. Most advanced math relies on algebra so think of this quiz as a springboard into other exciting things!

Try your hand at Getting Started in Algebra.

What is the meaning of 4x
4 divided by x
4 minus x
4 plus x
4 times x
Numbers and letters 'joined together' means multiply them together
Sam has x guinea pigs, Paul has y guinea pigs and Joseph has z guinea pigs. We know that Sam and Paul together have the same number of guinea pigs as Joseph. How would we write this?
x + y = z
2x + y
x - y = z
Jane has y candies and Lisa has two candies less than Jane. How would we write the number of candies that Lisa has?
y - 2
y - y - y
There are n boys in a football team. How would we write the number of boys in four football teams?
n x n x n x n
4 + n
n + 4
The correct answer means the same as n + n + n + n
Which of these is an 'expression'?
3x + 4y
3x + 4y2
All of the above
An 'expression' contains one or more terms
Thomas has x marbles and Richard has only one third as many. How would we write the number of marbles that Richard has?
x + 3
x - 3
x / 3
Which of these is a single 'term'?
2a + b2
3a + 2b
3a + b + c
2a is a 'term', the other answers contain more than one 'term'
Which of these is not an 'equation'?
3x = 7
4x2 - 6 = 28
4x + 5y + 6z
5x = 6y
An 'equation' always contains an = sign
Peter has x oranges and Joe has three more oranges than Peter. How would we write the number of oranges that Joe has?
x + 3
x + x + x + x
One of the following would never be written - which one?
x + y
1x + y
3x + 2y
4x - 6y
Instead of writing '1x' you would write 'x' instead
Author:  Frank Evans

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