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Find out three main causes of earthquakes in this quiz.


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Earthquakes are visible signs of plate tectonics. Earthquakes are caused when there is a sudden shifting of the plates. The effects of earthquakes will vary from region to region depending upon the size of the quake. Whatever their size, they can cause a dramatic change to the Earth’s surface.

Earthquakes cause a series of waves called?
Seismic waves
Tidal waves
Electro-magnetic pulses
We are not looking at water here but rather thinking about vibration and distance
What is an earthquake storm?
A tsunami
A series of large earthquakes occurring along the same plate boundary
The raining of molten lava brought up to the Earth’s surface
A dark cloud of ash that spreads after a large quake
A storm is something that lasts over a period of time and can have a ripple effect
What are three main causes of earthquakes?
Volcanoes, movement of the tectonic plates, tsunamis
Volcanoes, the moon’s gravitational forces, tectonic plate movement
Volcanoes, the sun’s gravitational forces, tectonic plate movement
Volcanoes, movement of the tectonic plates, human activity such as bombs
Think of ground movements that would be violent enough to cause a change
What is a fault?
A break in the rocks that make up the Earth’s crust
Where two plates come together
Where seismic activity is recorded
A bulge in the Earth's surface
If you take a sledge hammer to a rock, it will do this
Which U.S. state experiences the most earthquakes?
If you know which state is the largest, that is where you’ll find the answer
What instrument is used to measure the size and duration of an earthquake?
Magnitude Scale
Mercalli Scale
Richter Scale
This was developed in 1935. It was intended to be used only in a particular study area in California and on seismograms recorded on a particular instrument, the Wood-Anderson torsion seismograph
Earthquakes are this kind of occurrence.
Knowing about the study of solid and liquid matter that makes up the Earth will make the answer easy
What is the 'magnitude' of an earthquake?
The amount of energy that is released by a quake
The duration of a quake
The length of a quake
The destruction caused by a quake
This would be related to the power and greatness in size
What is the Epicenter?
Where two plates collide
The measurement of a fault line
The closest location to the center of an earthquake
A tourist attraction at Disney World
This is being in the very middle of an action
What is a tsunami?
A volcanic eruption on the ocean's floor
The point at which the ocean reaches the shoreline
Turbulent waves caused by a hurricane
A chain of fast moving waves in the ocean caused by powerful earthquakes
Rapidly moving waves powerful enough to wash away entire cities
Author:  Christine G. Broome

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