What is the difference between an electromagnet and a permanent bar magnet?


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An electromagnet is a magnet made by using electricity. In the field of Science, electromagnetism is one of the four fundamental interactions of nature.

See how much you know in our electromagnets quiz - and try not to get too stuck!

What is the difference between an electromagnet and a permanent bar magnet?
Electromagnets are stronger
Electromagnets can be turned off
Permanent magnets are stronger
Permanent magnets can be turned off
An electromagnet is used in a scrapyard because .......
It can be turned on and off
It can't be turned on and off
It is stronger than a permanent magnet
It is weaker than a permanent magnet
If the current in the wire increases, what happens to the strength of the magnetic field?
It decreases
It increases
It stops the magnetic field
No change
The magnetic field around a coil of wire carrying current .......
Is a circular shape
Is a diamond shape
Is a square shape
Is the same shape as around a bar magnet
A coil of wire is known as a solenoid
If the current direction through the wire is reversed, the direction of the magnetic field .......
Is also reversed
Stays in the same direction
The current stops flowing
There is no magnetic field
A relay is used in .......
A car ignition
An electric bell
An electric cooker
An iron
Which of the following uses an electromagnetic effect?
Light bulb
Washing machine
Electromagnetic effect is used in any appliance with a motor
The magnetic field around a straight wire carrying an electric current has .......
A circular shape
A diamond shape
A square shape
An oval shape
A relay uses a small current to .......
Attract a magnet
Repel a magnet
Switch off a current
Switch on a larger current
Which of the following is NOT true about the magnetic field around a coil of wire carrying a current?
Changing the direction of the current will reverse the poles
Increasing the number of coils will increase the strength
Making the coil wider will increase the strength
Putting an iron core into the coil will increase the strength
Author:  Sue Davison

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