11-Plus Reading Comprehension Guidance

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Explanation of the Requirements for the Exam

Education Quizzes provides this section of the website free of charge to help parents who are tutoring their children for the 11-Plus.

Our teacher, David Hatton, has a wealth of experience with 11-Plus and is therefore able to explain what children might expect in this part of the exam. David draws on his experience to provide in-depth analysis of how to tackle Reading Comprehension and at the same time impart down-to-earth suggestions to parents on how to help their children prepare.

Reading Comprehension is only one element of the 11-Plus and parents might also be interested in the following free areas of the website:

Verbal Reasoning
Non Verbal Reasoning

If you’re not certain what the 11-Plus exam entails, take a look at our Eleven+ Made Easy article.

Quiz Title Options
Reading Comprehension (1) Read
Reading Comprehension (2) Read

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