11-Plus Verbal Reasoning Quizzes

Two children looking pleased with their 11-Plus results
Verbal Reasoning is the area of the 11-Plus that ties together many of the subject areas that your child will have learned during their primary school education.

Without a thorough understanding of both Maths and English, it will be difficult to grasp the more advanced concepts of Verbal Reasoning and for this reason we highly recommend that children work through the KS2 Maths and English sections of the Education Quizzes website before tackling the quizzes below.

Our teacher-written quizzes for Verbal Reasoning have been grouped together into topics in order to make study more efficient. In most cases there is more than one quiz in each topic and we suggest tackling one topic at a time – maybe one each day.

When the 11-Plus is imminent (and revision time is at a premium) it is worthwhile to play just one quiz in each topic so that the brain is quickly reminded of the individual types of question that it is likely to encounter!

Quiz Title Options
Closest Meaning 1 Closest Meaning 1 Play
Closest Meaning 2 Closest Meaning 2 Play
Closest Meaning 3 Closest Meaning 3 Play
Closest Meaning 4 Closest Meaning 4 Play
Complete the Sum 1 Complete the Sum 1 Play
Complete the Sum 2 Complete the Sum 2 Play
Complete the Sum 3 Complete the Sum 3 Play
Complete the Sum 4 Complete the Sum 4 Play
Complete the Word 1 Complete the Word 1 Play
Complete the Word 2 Complete the Word 2 Play
Complete the Word 3 Complete the Word 3 Play
Complete the Word 4 Complete the Word 4 Play
Compound Words 1 Compound Words 1 Play
Compound Words 2 Compound Words 2 Play
Compound Words 3 Compound Words 3 Play
Compound Words 4 Compound Words 4 Play
Hidden Word 1 Hidden Word 1 Play
Hidden Word 2 Hidden Word 2 Play
Hidden Word 3 Hidden Word 3 Play
Hidden Word 4 Hidden Word 4 Play
Insert a Letter 1 Insert a Letter 1 Play
Insert a Letter 2 Insert a Letter 2 Play
Insert a Letter 3 Insert a Letter 3 Play
Insert a Letter 4 Insert a Letter 4 Play
Letter Connections 1 Letter Connections 1 Play
Letter Connections 2 Letter Connections 2 Play
Letter Connections 3 Letter Connections 3 Play
Letter Connections 4 Letter Connections 4 Play
Letter Series 1 Letter Series 1 Play
Letter Series 2 Letter Series 2 Play
Letter Series 3 Letter Series 3 Play
Letter Series 4 Letter Series 4 Play
Letters for Numbers 1 Letters for Numbers 1 Play
Letters for Numbers 2 Letters for Numbers 2 Play
Letters for Numbers 3 Letters for Numbers 3 Play
Letters for Numbers 4 Letters for Numbers 4 Play
Make a Word 1 Make a Word 1 Play
Make a Word 2 Make a Word 2 Play
Make a Word 3 Make a Word 3 Play
Make a Word 4 Make a Word 4 Play
Missing Word 1 Missing Word 1 Play
Missing Word 2 Missing Word 2 Play
Missing Word 3 Missing Word 3 Play
Missing Word 4 Missing Word 4 Play
Move a Letter 1 Move a Letter 1 Play
Move a Letter 2 Move a Letter 2 Play
Move a Letter 3 Move a Letter 3 Play
Move a Letter 4 Move a Letter 4 Play
Number Series 1 Number Series 1 Play
Number Series 2 Number Series 2 Play
Number Series 3 Number Series 3 Play
Number Series 4 Number Series 4 Play
Opposite Meaning 1 Opposite Meaning 1 Play
Opposite Meaning 2 Opposite Meaning 2 Play
Opposite Meaning 3 Opposite Meaning 3 Play
Opposite Meaning 4 Opposite Meaning 4 Play
Reading Information 1 Reading Information 1 Play
Reading Information 2 Reading Information 2 Play
Reading Information 3 Reading Information 3 Play
Reading Information 4 Reading Information 4 Play
Related Numbers 1 Related Numbers 1 Play
Related Numbers 2 Related Numbers 2 Play
Related Numbers 3 Related Numbers 3 Play
Related Numbers 4 Related Numbers 4 Play
Related Words 1 Related Words 1 Play
Related Words 2 Related Words 2 Play
Related Words 3 Related Words 3 Play
Related Words 4 Related Words 4 Play
Same Meaning 1 Same Meaning 1 Play
Same Meaning 2 Same Meaning 2 Play
Same Meaning 3 Same Meaning 3 Play
Same Meaning 4 Same Meaning 4 Play
Two Odd Ones Out 1 Two Odd Ones Out 1 Play
Two Odd Ones Out 2 Two Odd Ones Out 2 Play
Two Odd Ones Out 3 Two Odd Ones Out 3 Play
Two Odd Ones Out 4 Two Odd Ones Out 4 Play
Word Connections 1 Word Connections 1 Play
Word Connections 2 Word Connections 2 Play
Word Connections 3 Word Connections 3 Play
Word Connections 4 Word Connections 4 Play
Word-Number Codes 1 Word-Number Codes 1 Play
Word-Number Codes 2 Word-Number Codes 2 Play
Word-Number Codes 3 Word-Number Codes 3 Play
Word-Number Codes 4 Word-Number Codes 4 Play

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