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KS2 English Quizzes

Young boy holding a pencil and about to writeKS2 English: Wisdom in Words

(Engaging KS2 English revision quizzes to teach students in Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6)

Fact: You can’t have jelly without whipped cream and sprinkles and you can’t have a successful education without a good understanding of English. We know there’s a lot to learn (the National Curriculum really likes to keep you on your toes, huh?) so we break everything down into nuggets of knowledge and present them to you in - ta dah! - a quiz.

Yep. Quizzes.

English quizzes that will test you and teach you and make you wonder what you were ever worried about. Concerned about the ginormous workload in English? From adverbs to clauses, grammar to comprehension, we’ll help you understand the basics of English and some of the more specialist stuff. It’s fun too. Not quite as fun as running around the garden with a pair of pants on your head, but not far off.

How will English help thy life? Let us count the ways.

Firstly, it will help you with spelling, which means you’re less likely to wish your Great Aunt Mildred a ‘Happee Burfday’ in her card. Because you’ll know it’s actually spelled, ‘Happy Birthday’. And with a bit of luck you’ll spell her name right too!

Next, you’ll be able to understand the English language a little better. You use it every day, so why not know all about the adverbs and conjunctions and suffixes and syllables? If you were a cook, you’d want to know about the ingredients you use to make cupcakes, wouldn’t you? Well, you speak English, so let’s examine our language a little more closely. (By the way, if you are a cook, please do send us cupcakes.)

We’ll cover reading and writing and grammar and everything else you need to know in KS2 English. There are also some great quizzes, like learning the difference between fact and opinion and learning how to use metaphors.

It’s a whirlwind of linguistic fun.

Writing hands at the ready!

Quiz Title Date Played Previous Score Options
Adjectives 01 Adjectives 01     Play
Adjectives 02 Adjectives 02     Play
Adverbs 01 Adverbs 01     Play
Adverbs 02 Adverbs 02     Preview
Alliteration Alliteration     Preview
Alphabetising Alphabetising     Preview
Antonyms Antonyms     Preview
Apostrophes to Mark Omission Apostrophes to Mark Omission     Preview
Apostrophes to Mark Possession Apostrophes to Mark Possession     Preview
Asking Questions Asking Questions     Preview
Capital Letters 01 Capital Letters 01     Preview
Capital Letters 02 Capital Letters 02     Preview
Clauses and Phrases Clauses and Phrases     Preview
Commas 01 Commas 01     Preview
Commas 02 Commas 02     Preview
Complex Sentences Complex Sentences     Preview
Compound Words Compound Words     Preview
Comprehension 01 Comprehension 01     Preview
Comprehension 02 Comprehension 02     Preview
Comprehension 03 Comprehension 03     Preview
Connectives / Conjunctions 01 Connectives / Conjunctions 01     Preview
Connectives / Conjunctions 02 Connectives / Conjunctions 02     Preview
Direct Speech Direct Speech     Preview
Fact and Opinion Fact and Opinion     Preview
First, Second and Third Person First, Second and Third Person     Preview
Improving Vocabulary 01 Improving Vocabulary 01     Preview
Improving Vocabulary 02 Improving Vocabulary 02     Preview
Improving Vocabulary 03 Improving Vocabulary 03     Preview
Indirect Speech Indirect Speech     Preview
Metaphors Metaphors     Preview
Negatives Negatives     Preview
Nouns 01 Nouns 01     Preview
Nouns 02 Nouns 02     Preview
Onomatopoeia Onomatopoeia     Preview
Paragraphing Paragraphing     Preview
Prefixes Prefixes     Preview
Prepositions Prepositions     Preview
Pronouns Pronouns     Preview
Punctuation Punctuation     Preview
Rhyme Rhyme     Preview
Sentence Openers Sentence Openers     Preview
Similes Similes     Preview
Spelling:  -igh Spelling: -igh     Preview
Spelling:  -le Spelling: -le     Preview
Spelling:  -or-, -oor-, and -ore- Spelling: -or-, -oor-, and -ore-     Preview
Spelling:  -ough Spelling: -ough     Preview
Spelling:  Double Consonants Spelling: Double Consonants     Preview
Spelling:  Graphemes Spelling: Graphemes     Preview
Spelling:  ie or ei? Spelling: ie or ei?     Preview
Spelling:  Phonemes Spelling: Phonemes     Preview
Spelling:  Plurals 01 Spelling: Plurals 01     Preview
Spelling:  Plurals 02 Spelling: Plurals 02     Preview
Spelling:  Unstressed Vowels 01 Spelling: Unstressed Vowels 01     Preview
Spelling:  Unstressed Vowels 02 Spelling: Unstressed Vowels 02     Preview
Spelling:  w and wh Spelling: w and wh     Preview
Spelling:  y and i Spelling: y and i     Preview
Standard English Standard English     Preview
Statement, Question or Command? Statement, Question or Command?     Preview
Subject / Verb Agreement Subject / Verb Agreement     Preview
Suffixes Suffixes     Preview
Syllables Syllables     Preview
Synonyms Synonyms     Preview
Text Features Text Features     Preview
Their, They're and There Their, They're and There     Preview
Verbs 01 Verbs 01     Preview
Verbs 02 Verbs 02     Preview
Writing Explanations Writing Explanations     Preview
Writing Instructions Writing Instructions     Preview
Writing Letters Writing Letters     Preview
Writing Narrative Writing Narrative     Preview
Writing Persuasively Writing Persuasively     Preview
Writing Playscripts Writing Playscripts     Preview
Writing Recounts Writing Recounts     Preview
Writing Reports Writing Reports     Preview
Your and You're Your and You're     Preview

KS2 English Quizzes that are Fun!

Watch the video for an introduction to our series of quizzes to help you with your KS2 studies - they won't put you to sleep!

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